Hello, Zucca!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just received my new Dylan Messenger in Zucca and thought I'd share some preliminary (poorly lit) pics. I'll take more in daylight to get a better sense of the color. In these the flash is making the orange pop brighter than it is IRL... really, it's a burnt orange (reminiscent of Longhorns orange, but not quite as brown). The leather is a little more finished than my other Dylans (more polished, somehow, less matte to the touch) and the hardware is uber-bright (my first new-generation Dylan), but overall it's love. The hobo shape is nice and drapes better than my Double-Pocket Messenger (which is more of a rectangular shape) and I love the zip-open extra space on this one. The website says it's flat-construction but it has the expander panel. SUPER long adjustable strap. I'm not over the moon with the flat pockets and double-stitching but can absolutely live with them for this great color and slouchiness!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Jenni wth is longhorn orange ? Is it iike Piper Sherry ?
    It is beautiful !! Perfect LP for you !

  6. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  7. LOL Hello dear! :hugs:
    Longhorns as in the University of Texas:

    I absolutely LOVE it!! But what's up with the leather? Why does it feel different from my older Dylans? It feels sort of foam-y, like HH's Eucalyptus, if that makes sense. Maybe it's just a question of age? This one will dry out a bit eventually? Or is it not a naked leather like the older Dylans?

    (Also have a wee gray Dylan wristlet clutch coming... old-style with the antiqued hardware. Can't wait!!)
  8. Thanks, Beljwl!!
    This brings my small LP collection to:
    Dylan Messenger in Zucca
    Dylan Double-Pocket Messenger in Anthracite
    Dylan Zip-Around Wallet in Bark
    Dylan Wristlet in Grey (Dove??) (coming)

    I had the Double-Pocket in Pumpkin at one time, but it's been re-homed.
  9. Jenn I have been begging them to do Dylan in the sherry leather which, yes, feels cushier. Will you confirm this by rubbing a hidden area ( buff with your palm ) and report back whether it looks shiny/ quickly picks up patina...
    If so dryness is the last thing you'll have to worry about. Does the bag smell of linseed oil ?

    This is exciting !!!

    Darn I forgot to bid on the bitty grey clutch !
  10. (Just tried it) I can't quite tell... the lighting in the house is not the greatest; I'll check in the daylight again... by patina you mean just a sheen? I'd say it's already more lustrous than my other Dylan leathers... but yes, maybe it's polishing a tad...

    Shall I send you the leather tag? You could have a sample...

    ETA Glad I didn't have to bid against you :biggrin: I really love that little clutch!
  11. And as to the linseed oil, I'm afraid I'm not sure what linseed oil smells like, but this leather smells like my dad's motorcycle jacket.

    It's definitely puffier than the Anthracite or Bark... almost a rubbery feel?
    Ack. I'm sorry... I don't know what words to use. Let me send you the tag.
  12. IKWYM, about the new leather. I bought a new skinny cuff in the new canary color and it is finished inside and out. And yes, rubbery, but not in a bad way. All of my other LP cuffs are raw inside. I was surprised that they would do this to such a tiny scrap, but it is by no means undesirable.

    And I love your bag. I have been stalking the zucca wallet!
  13. Congrats, so gorgeous! I have my eye on Zucca. Orange is my favorite color, but I like more burnt oranges, not so much the bright oranges for handbags. This seems like the perfect color for me. I would love the zip wallet in it, that's for sure!

    I would love to see some modeling pics if you could post some.

    This leather looks very similar to the leather on my Lola, and I noticed it was completely different than the washed leathers from previous seasons of the Dylans and other, but wasn't sure if it was a Lola thing. It does feel like HH EUC. It feels more polished and finished, rather than that of the naked leathers. I wonder if all of the new bags will have this leather?
  14. Glad to know I'm not going nuts! Clutched, did you post pics in the non-HH thread or somewhere here? I'd love to see the cuff! I've got several of the older skinny ones and the raw leather gets so dirty on the inside.

    AZ, I think you'll love this color. It's not QUITE a true burnt... it's orange leaning burnt, if that makes sense. Definitely more burnt and interesting than the earlier LP Pumpkin, and more saturated.

    I'll take modeling pics when I get up to campus and post them this afternoon/evening.