Hello Y'all: Newbie Here With a Question

  1. Hi lovely ladies!
    I've been lurking around the Hermes forum for a while and posting a little.. I've learned and awful lot from you all concerning the beauty of Hermes, but I have a small question. I usually see a specification in most every item for sale on eBay where they say it comes from a pet-free, smoke-free home. Now, the pet-free part I can understand (they might pee on the item, tear it, etc.), but how does smoke affect the item itself, or the material? Other than the smell sticking to it. (That's all I can come up with regarding this.)
    I would appreciate a little insight! It's been killing me hehe.

    PS Hope I can soon be a friend to you all!
  2. it's the smoke smell -- scarves i get from france usually need to be aired out to get rid of the stale cigarette smell. i think the pet issue is about allergies to hair that sneaks into the package.

    and welcome -- you'll have fun here! (really cute doggie, by the way.)
  3. Smoke free is important to me. Leather absorbs smoke odors too. I have a friend who had a devil of a time getting the cigarette smoke smell out of her bag that she purchased on eBay.
  4. hlfinn, growing horns yet?
  5. You've defined it--its the smell! Sometimes smoke doesn't come out of things!
  6. Everyone answered it already but I just wanted to say welcome!!:yahoo:
  7. Yes, where are my manners......WELCOME!
  8. I Look For Those Auctions (Bad Allergies!). Welcome!!!!!!!!
  9. dressage queen: Thanks! His name is Vito (like the Godfather) and he's a little devil. Recently tore 2 of my La Perla bras off the clothesline grrrrr :cursing:, thanks for the quick answer too!

    hermeslady: Yeah, I can see why it'd be bothersome to non-smokers. Cigarette smell is really tough to get rid of. I personally wouldn't care much as I'm a smoker myself, but I do try to keep my smoking area to the living room so my clean clothes won't catch it as much.

    Rose: 1st post: What do you mean by that?? and 2nd post, Thanks a lot!!

    saligator: Yup, I totally agree! Thanks for the input.

    crochetbella: Thank you so much!

    BagLuv: Thanks to you too! I'm allergic to cats, sadly. I love those critters but can't have them.
  10. Bada Bing to Vito!!!
    and Welcome to you...:flowers:
  11. Vito and I say thanks!!
  12. missmustard.... just a private joke between me and my friend H who has issues with this....:roflmfao:

    Where is she??
  13. I bought a Veau Doblis (suede) Kelly that reeked of smoke. So much so, that I couldn't open it without feeling queasy. I tried lots of home remedies without success and finally sent it to a highly specialized dry cleaner in Manhattan with an ozone room. My bag spent a couple of weeks in that room and came back to me without the slightest hint of smoke. Hallelujah!
  14. Just wanted to pop in and say Welcome!!!
  15. Thanks everyone!!!