hello WHat kind of skirt is this called?

  1. I want to make this skirt because it will be super easy to make but i am having a hard time finding a pattern that would fit this. what is it called? this type of skirt that Bubbles out Thanks
    the third skirt is from ERIN FETHERSTONS line for target
    what would the first one be called also thanks
    GOLD-WD3_V4.jpg IMG00227.jpg r0028133up6.jpg
  2. i meant the 2nd one is from erin fetherstons line i can so make this skirt it also has pockets!!
  3. i dunno what it's called but i love it

    although personally i like the 3rd one better :p
  4. The 2nd one looks a bit like a bubble skirt..:confused1:
  5. i think it's a tulip skirt.
  6. ^^ yup, tulip is correct!
  7. cool i found the pattern!!!!!!!!!! also what is the material called in the 4rd picture?? brocade? tapestry? jaquard? thanks
  8. what about this skirt? i want to find one similar as well
  9. what kind of material is that??
  10. i don't know about materials. sorry! good luck with your lovely tulip skirt!
  11. The skirt with the girl in white sunglasses looks to be brocade (which is a type of jacquard (woven fabrics).

    The one you just posted above looks like taffeta.