Hello! Wanted to share & ask a ques!

  1. Hello!

    I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone! I registered here, but have been a lurker for a little while now! It is so nice to have somewhere to turn go to learn about our favorite obsession!! You ladies are quite informative and I can't wait until I can share more as well!

    I am a soon to be owner of a Black Togo 35 cm w/ Palladium Birkin. I've been offered some others, but after debating (instant gratification, or hold out) I decided to place a special order. I see some of you have been interested to know what are in stores and what I've been offered, etc. Just Friday (in NY) I was offered Birkins in either Eggplant (SA said Deep Purple) or White or a Gold Kelly. The SA was whispering this to me, and bc I was not interested in those, I didn't ask to see them. Now, I am, of course, regretting that! Also I had been offered a JPG in Black with Gold HW and a Black Togo 30 cm w/ Palladium HW. I hate having to wait, and almost scooped up the 30, but I thought I should wait for my ideal for my first. (I did read some complaints that a 35 cm with togo will be heavy, but still decided I like to carry my life around with me - no pain no gain!)

    I've debated b/w the Blue Indigo, Chocolate and Gold, but finally decided on Black. I hope I am not dissappointed! I love all the colors, but was trying to be practical especially as it's my first. I don't even have it yet and I'm obsessed, so I am sure I will be placing another order sometime in the future!

    My question is, should I have ordered a Birkin with Guilloche hardware? And since I'm ordering it and can have any specifics, perhaps I should have something unique about it? I have never seen Guilloche HW in person, is it stunning? Do you all have any other suggestions for personalizing it in some way? Or maybe I should stick with classic all the way? I'm not even sure that I could change the order, but i thought I would ask anyway!

    I look forward to sharing more!
  2. Welcome Gritti! I personally love the look of the palladium hw on the black togo! It is timeless, elegant, versatile and as classic as they come! I don't think you need to change the hardware unless you fall in love with Guilloche! Then that is a whole different story. Follow your heart, especially since it is already a special order!
  3. Hello Gritti and welcome! IMHO, I think that because a Birkin is rather "busy" already w/ all the details, ordering Guilloche hardware would be overkill. Guilloche HW is beautiful in person, but I think it's more suited for the Kelly, which has clean lines and would show off the fancy hardware better. HTH and good luck to you!
  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome! It is great to have a new member. Classic is lovely and you made a beautiful choice. Don't change it now. What is there to regret about it? Jag said it perfectly. Enjoy this bag and really investigate the choices on your next one. Black, palladium is luscious!!!
  5. Thank you Jag, OTINGOCNI, and Kellybag! I think you are right I just need to stick with my first choice and I do agree the Guilloche would be too busy for the Birkin, much better on a Kelly. I'm so excited, thank you all!!
  6. Hi...i would go for Rhuthenium looks fantastic with black...
  7. Welcome Gritti!!

    time to come out of the closet and become a butterfly... oh wait, come out of your cacoon and share your passion~

    Can't wait to see your new Black Togo Birkin!
  8. Welcome Gritti!!

    That Birkin sounds beautiful, great choice.
  9. I learned from the Hermes knowledge thread that Hermes can emboss your monogram on your bag - I saw some pictures of vintage kellys with the monogram - if and when I get my first hermes bag, that's what I'm requesting!
  10. Welcome! I think it sounds perfect - can't wait to meet the new birkin!
  11. I agree completely and would like to welcome you to our Hermes party!! I can't wait to see your beautiful black Birkin when it arrives!
  12. I don't think we have seen a black birkin on here yet. At least not lately!!! Can't wait and do post in our members' thread a picture.
  13. Tut,tut Kelly..!! LOL:lol: there's my black clemence somewhere, I can't remember what thread though, I photographed it with my red Plume and gold Kelly, and there should be another thread, an older one, with the black Birkin and H rouge Bolide...;)
  14. Wow thank you for all your responses and suggestions! Ruthenium does look stunning. Is it bad that I am already thinking ahead to a second one? Of course, that will be down the line, but it definately can't hurt to start a wishlist right? I think my next one will be either Blue Indigo or the one that is darker than that (I forgot the color) or a deep Brown, I think its Ebone? I think I would get one of those with the ruthenium. Now I just need to learn my colors!! I will definately post a pic as soon as I receive it!!
  15. Can't wait to see your black birkin! That's what I'm waitlisted for - although it could be a couple years...

    How long did the SA say you'd have to wait?