hello violet MU!!! yummy pics

  1. the 2nd pic is the most accurate. it's more bright then the eggplant, but other than - spectacular color and leather :yahoo:
    IMG_1233.jpg IMG_1237.jpg
  2. OMG, that is just a gorgeous bag!!! congrats nicole!! :yahoo:
  3. beautiful color! it's making me want an MU!
  4. Nicole-your makeup is gorgeous! :tup: Sooo rich:drool: congrats :yahoo:
  5. Congrats! It's absolutely lovely in the MU clutch!
  6. Simply incredible - pity the UK shops will never run to these!
  7. Congrats on you lovely MU! Violet is scrumptious. :drool:
  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! OMG~ I'm flippin out~ I LOVE this!!!!!! :heart::love::love::love::heart:
  9. more violet yumminess...
    IMG_1235[1].jpg IMG_1238[1].jpg
  10. WOW!! I can't wait until I get mine!!
  11. Oh dear - I think that this might be the most desirable violet item of all!
  12. I've been debating on a new MU. Now I HAVE to have one in violet. This is so lovey:tender:, congrats!
  13. Congrats!! such a great choice!
  14. Gorgeous! Do you have to be on a waitlist to get one of those?
  15. congrats nicole! it's lovelyyyy.....i really really want it..but still can't find the City one