Hello!! Vicky have to say "Good Bye"

  1. Hello!

    I love this forum so much and I have spent many hours a day around this forum.


    When I go to the forum it made me want more new bag !!:sad: My last bag will be a denim patchwork or a denim baggy PM ( which you were kindly voted for it)

    I have spent too much on 2 months recently for bags and accessories:

    A Bottega Veneta bag in Pink for 910 GB pounds.
    An Azur Speedy 25 for 300 GB pounds.
    A Mini Lin for 345 GB pounds.
    A French Azur wallet for 260 GB pounds.
    A Azur Billfold for valentine's day for 205 GB pounds.
    A Chanel baby Cabas in white for 960 GB pounds (As I saw it on Chanel Forum)
    An Azur cles for 74 GB pounds ( As I saw John's Suhali cles and I want one :sweatdrop: )

    Together it is over 3,000 GB pounds now in 2 months :wtf: OMG!! That's too much money for me and somehow I want my money back !! :push:

    If I will be around the forum, I might have some problems :lol: as I cannot control my passions.

    OK.....I have to say Bye now and I will be back again in the nearly future :crybaby: .
    Hope someone will remember me :kiss:

    Thank you very much for all your kind answer to my threads and great choice+recommendation. PF is such a wonderful community :flowers:

  2. Aww Vicky! I'm sad to see you go!!! I hope to see you soon!! I have enjoyed all of your posts!!!I think we need to disconnect your credit card and then you won't have to go!! But if you must!!:crybaby:
  3. awww, vicky2007! we will be sad to see you go, but i guess you have to do what's right for you.
  4. Also i wanted to add...maybe try and sell some if you can? If you really need the money? Just trying to help. What does GB pounds equal in US$$?
  5. Don't worry....I miss you guys all and will be back after a month :smile:
  6. Be sure to save $$!! We will be waiting for ya!
  7. aww vicky we'll miss you. i feel the same.
    roughly double GB and you'll get the amt in US dollars.

  8. WHOA! *faints*
  9. Oh no! We'll be waiting for you!
  10. So sorry to hear that Vicky, but totally understandable! :sad:
    Please take care of yourself in the meantime and we will see you back in one month. :yes:
  11. oh no Vic.. maybe u could put 90% of your money into term deposit bonds.. I just did that and locked my money up for 1 year! lol. :sweatdrop:

    See u back in March!! Take care.. :shame:
  12. Bye Vicky!
    I totally understand your position, the amount you spent is about AUD10,000!

    Having some time away won't kill you and the forum will always be here when you come back.
  13. :crybaby:Bye Vicky!!! I will miss ya, but looking forward to seeing you come back when your ready.
  14. It's good to take a break sometimes. We'll still be here when you are ready to come back.:smile:
  15. I agree w/ Monica. . . I can totally see how this happens, I think it happens to more people than are willing to admit.
    People get swept up and it begins to seem 'normal' to spend. . . .
    take a break and come back to us, then you can just enable others, OK!?