Hello VCA Friends! Help me pick my next piece.

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  1. Hello all. I missed chatting about VCA. I am looking to get something new and pretty!
    I am deciding over a few things, I know we need to get what sings to our heart, but what if they all do? LOL!
    My jewelry style; Bracelets, rings and earrings are my favorite. But I have quite a few. I own necklaces, but never wear them. I love to stack and do not mind wearing more than 3 pieces at a time.

    Here is what is on the list for now;
    1. Perlee bangle or the slim stacking bangle. Perle de Or .I kind of really love the thinner one a lot. But worried it is over priced and I would need the Signature to balance it out. I have the Cartier Love and JUC already that I wear on my left hand. This would be right hand .
    2. Magic Alhambra earrings in onyx or MOP. Onyx looks better against my skin, but mop looks better against my hair.
    2.5. Magic 2 motif MOP earrings, had these twice and sold them! Want them back.
    3. Long Magic pendant in Onyx. I have no VCA necklace at all. I feel all collections should have one, I love it on me, but will I wear it?
    4. Perlee hoops , love them but are they very VCA? I want special things and things that are unique to the brand.
    5. Perlee Variation ring and a smaller one to stack.

    Any and all opinions are welcome.
  2. LOVE the perles d'or bracelet and YES you will need the signature to balance it out.....or you can wear it next to your love and wear your JUC by itself on your other wrist.:P

    The perlee hoops are the perfect size and are worth having.
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  3. I agree - the Perle d'Or would add some oomph to the simple line of the LOVE.
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  4. Ty ladies, so you are both with the Perlee it seems!
    I want everything lol. But I am getting something soon. It is about time! So I may call sa and ask to memo some pieces?
  5. Yes!!!
    So fun!!
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  6. Ok, I should pick 3 pieces then? ;)
  7. You need a necklace! That would be my first choice. Also I love the two motif Alhambra earrings, but do you remember why you got rid of them twice? I've had pieces that didn't "take" the first time and then tidally worked the second time, but if it's twice maybe they're just not you?
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  8. I would love the magic pendant! The earrings were sold for my pets surgery, I would love to have them back.
  9. Sjunky13, if you are big on top (read busty) you may want to try before you purchase.
  10. I am very big on top! LOL
    Very! I did try it on a few times and loved it. But I agree, it is hard to wear necklaces because of big boobs, same with the the way I wear shawls, they just stick out. I am soo torn. This is why I always chose Cartier over VCA, there is one 2 minutes away .
  11. I am liking the 6-motifs magic Magic Necklace but my SA thinks that the big motif may be too overpowering on me (I am petite).

    I still want to try it though.
  12. I love the 6 motif, but too much for me as I like to wear a lot of simple pieces together . But even if you are petite, I think if you make it a foal point, it would look amazing! I am tempted to take a trip and try a few things on. But I will not have time for a few weeks.
    I need to see pics of the Signature Perlee plain stacked with love . Also maybe the long pendant on a busty woman, doubled up?
  13. Let me see what pics I have saved and I will post them.
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  14. #14 Jun 30, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
    IMG_7756.jpg Perlee Signature Bangle in YG.jpg View attachment 3396081
    This pic belongs to a TPF member.

    View attachment 3396081
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  15. Yes Einstien! lol. I love her and her jewelry and ahh so beautiful!
    I need the diamond juc!