Hello to my new Twiggy Rouille!

  1. Hi everyone,

    My first post about my Cornflower Twiggy is not even dry and already a new post for my Rouille Twiggy??

    I told my husband I had purchased a new handbag on Thursday, and that I was already looking at the same bag in a different colour, and I thought he'd be annoyed, but he said, most kindly, "I don't mind if you get another handbag. I want you to be happy." That said "go ahead" to me, so I did.

    I have seen the new fall colours and nothing really, really grabbed me, at least, not the way the Rouille did in the store. My hair is a copper red, and it's really hard to find copper reds, instead of berry reds, and the Rouge VIF, the Grenat/ Oxblood, both berry red to me. I decided to jump on the Rouille as it's a great colour, and was available right then and there. I called the Saks SA who helped me with my involved Cornflower purchase, and got her to put it on hold for me. Without further ado, here is my new starlet. I took many pictures, so that when she deepens in colour, I can compare them.

    I was very inspired by Ashleyby's post of her Twiggy Rouille, and I would love it, if mine deepened the way that hers has. Thanks for posting pictures of yours Ashleyby, yours is a beauty!

    I am quite afraid by being ripped off on ebay, otherwise I definitely would have waited a while before my second purchase, this way, I *know* it's authentic and I have peace of mind. I also have no purchased lined up, nothing on my wish list, so I am now satisfied. ETA. The Rouille is a current colour, once fall colours come, I bet it would be pulled, so that's why I jumped on it now. Hence the ebay reference.

    Thanks for reading so far,

    I wish you well,

    Balenciaga Rouille 01.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 02.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 03.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 04.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 05.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 06.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 07.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 08.jpg
  2. Ooooh its gorgeous! Y'know, the more I see of this colour, the more I like it.
  3. Yummy! I love how your pics capture all the different ways it can look in different lighting. Congrats!
  4. Oh my, that color is stunning!! Would love to see pics of you wearing her!!
  5. wow! that color is amazing! congrats!
  6. Wow very pretty! And your husband is so sweet!
  7. What a fun color! Congrats!!
  8. sounds like you've gotta very sweet husband bridget, just like mine :love: ...the twiggy style is so cool & you've picked such a yummy color (mmmmmmmmm)...i got my emerald purse the other day (even though i was only looking for the hobo) because i was also worried about not being able to find that color again :smile:
  9. congratulations! :smile:
  10. Nice! I love that color :heart:
  11. Thanks ladies you are so sweet.

    I did want to post what light each picture was taken in, to give you an idea.

    Photo 01, Natural light in my living room.
    Photo 02 (unstructured) and 03 (stuffed with paper), with flash, in my living room.
    Photo 04 outside on my car, in indirect sunlight.
    Photo 05 and 06 outside in direct sunlight.
    Photo 07 and 08 in office flourescent light, with natural light over my shoulder, definitely a different colour.

    I have been affectionately calling her my Lobster bag, a la Ashleyby, and we were out with friends yesterday, and one of them notices it and says "Why does that bag remind me of a lobster?" I was so thrilled : )

    I am really not comfortable posting myself with my bags. I really feel that I am too heavy. I can say that I like their size, for my size, I don't feel like I am carrying a dolly's purse : )

    I wish you well,

  12. Great bag in a fabulous color!! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. Beautiful bag, Bridget, congrats! And what a lucky gal you are for having such a sweet husband!
  14. Must..Have..That...Color! I love it~ Congrats!:biggrin:
  15. CONGRATS :flowers: ! Great color for Spring/Summer - enjoy it :yes: !