hello to all lv lovers!

  1. :smile:hello

    just wanted to introduce myself

    my partner is label addict and i decided to join myself because i love lv too
    you guys are really going to come in handy when i need ideas for presents for label addict !
    look forward to getting to know all of you bettter!
  2. hi mr label addict!!!
    are you checking up on her?:p
  3. Oh too cute. Mrs. Label Addict is one cool chick. You're a lucky guy!
  4. Welcome!!!
    I LOVE all the fantastic contributions that Claire has done for this forum. She's lucky to have someone who shares her LV passion!!
  5. Hi!
  6. cool I hope my husband joins here too that would be awesome
    welcome to tPF, MR Label :tup:
  7. Welcome to tPF. Love your name.
  8. thank you for making me frrl so welcome.....i guess me and claire will be fighting over the keyboard from now on :lol:
  9. Oh no! I thought husbands (or significant others) weren't allowed here!!! lol!!! Mine would remove all computers from the house if he only knew.......!!:wtf:
  10. HEEHEE...welcome Claire's man :smile: LOL!!! You're going to have to buy another computer now LOL
  11. welcome!
    damn wish my boyf would join, but then its bad enough now fighting for net time!
  12. Hi Mr. Label, that is soo cool of you to join!
  13. hehehehe.......welcome!
  14. you guys are tooooooooooo cute!!!
  15. Hi & welcome! How are you going to keep it all a secret from Claire LOL this will be fun!
    Pre Christmas & birthday our PM boxes will be full LOL I love intrigue!