Hello! Thought It Was Time To Post....

  1. Hello! I Thought It Was Time To Post!

    I Do Know Many Of You Lovely Hermes Ladies (& Gentlemen) Already!!! :smile:
    It's Definitely Times For A Hermes Bag For Me (I Turned Down A Birkin In The Late 90's). I Would Love Many, Many, Many ~ I Probably Should Start One At A Time!!! I Want A Birkin & A Kelly & An Evelyne & A Trim & More!!!...The List Goes On. I Believe I Know Which Colors, Leathers & Hardware I Want (I Realize ~ That Probably Will Not Be My Choice!).

    I Love The Reference Library ~ It Has To Be The Best Area In The World!!!!!!!
    Thank You For Making It So Great ~ I Hope To Eventually Contribute!

    I Do Travel A Lot Between NY & Charlotte (We Are From NY ((& Boston)) ~ We Still Have Offices In NY & We Now Live In Charlotte). My Journey May Begin When The Hermes Store Opens In Charlotte (More Time To Go In ~ A Lot!).

    ***I Do Own Two Watches & Two Belts (All Gifts ~ I Don't Know The Names) & My Husband Also Has A Watch, A Belt & A Couple Ties.

    I Have Gone On & On.....So, I Will Stop.

    Thank You So Much For Reading!

    Kara :smile:
  2. Welcome Kara!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Hi Crochetbella! It's Always Wonderful To See You!!! Love Your Evelyne....(As I've Told You Before) ***Dream Bag!!!!!!***
  4. Welcome Kara! :yes: I'm almost new too!;) But I can't stop participating each time I have a few free moments:P and I love it..:heart: . it's become addictive!;)
    Have fun!
  5. Thanks Kara! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
    Oh, yeah this does get addictive! :lol:
  6. Welcome Kara!
  7. Welcome and it is great to have you here! Have fun.
  8. Welcome Kara!!!
  9. Welcome, Kara, to the " Hermes House on Enabling!" Have fun!
  10. LucyInTheStars ~Yes! Very Addictive!!! T.U. :smile:

    Crochetbella ~ You Are So Funny & So Sweet!!! :smile:

    Orchid ~ I'm So In Love With Your Birkin In Yor Avatar (I Showed It To My Husband The Other Night...He Loved It, Too!!!)

    dianagrace ~ Did I Read You Are In Atlanta? If So, Not Too Far! I Love Flying (Or Driving) To Atlanta To Shop For The Day (Or More!)!!! :smile:

    Kellybag & Greentea ~ I Remember When You First Started Posting The Informative Posts.....I Was In Awe Of All Your Knowledge & Still Am!!!!!! :smile: You Are Both Fabulous Mods ~ Thank You For All You Do & Being You (& Jag, Too!)!!! ***Sorry To Post The Two Of You Together It Just Seemed Right!!! :smile:
  11. Welcome to the Hermes side Kara!
  12. i just logged on a few days ago, and i'm hooked! welcome!
  13. Hello and welcome!

    When are they opening the Hermes in Charlotte? My company is opening an office there, and I will probably visit a few times. Would love to be able to visit Hermes as well!
  14. Welcome aboard, bagluv!:yahoo:
  15. Hi Kara and welcome! I've just recently joined the dark side and now I'm addicted. I seem to have Hermes on my mind a lot, lol!