Hello..this is my 1st thread in Fendi Forum

  1. Although I got only 2 Fendi bags in my collection :p and never be a die-hard fan but I got a pair of fendi hoop earrings and I love it a lot and today I wanna share the pic to you guys :smile:

  2. Welcome to Fendiworld, Vicki :yahoo: ! They look cute, I'd love to see them modeled....:graucho:

    BTW, where is that photo taken with the beach...sort of looks like my kinda place;) .
  3. they're beautiful...where u get them??? and do u mind telling us how much is it?
  4. Welcome Vicky! The earrings are adorable! A little big for me, but I can totally imagine some glam rocking chic gal strutting her stuff with them! :heart: Congrats!
  5. Yes, tell us, tell us! :nuts: Those are HOTTT, great choice :graucho:
  6. Welcome, what brilliant earring, where did you get them from?
  7. Hot! Thanks for the pic!
  8. Hello....Thanks a lot for warm welcome :smile:

    I got this pair of earrings as a gift last year. I think it was from Fendi Boutique here in London. Normally, the fendi jewellries are not as expensive as Chanel or LV so i guess it is not over 90 GB pounds.
  9. I love the bracelet for this design.
  10. Wow, great find!! They are stunning! Congrats:heart: