Hello--sort of silly, but I don't know what style bag I just bought!

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  1. I saw this bag in Saks last night and bought it on the spot. The tag says "classic bag with flap" and it is in Bordeaux. The nuymber on the Saks tag says 91530 if that is any help. It is patent leather, although a gorgeous shade--not vinyl or too shiny. But, how can I more accurately know the style. The sales person was not exclusively Chanel as it was late in the evening. Thanks for any help.
  2. Can you post pictures of it? Would love to see it.
  3. Sounds like a Classic Flap :biggrin:
    There's a broad range for the 'Classic Flap', but if it's a quilted flap bag w/ a Double C closure, it's probably just called the Classic Flap, then you would expand by describing, like; a Patent Classic Flap in Bordeaux.
  4. OK--so it isn't a 2.55 or other "numbered bag". Also, it doesn't have the CC closure, but just a little toggle clasp. I will try to post pictures soon. Thanks!
  5. A toggle? Like the Mademoiselle or the Reissue?
    It could be a Reissue I think.
    I don't buy Flaps usually so I don't keep up w/ the colors/leathers right now.
  6. classic flap i guess?

    would love to see pics :smile:
  7. yes, just a simple single flap. I wil try to get some pictures up!
  8. pics?
  9. Was is it this one?

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  10. Ooh I sure hope it is. That's a HOT bag!
  11. That bag is gorgeous!!!!!!!!:heart:
  12. HI--I just checked again and that is the bag! How did you find the picture?? Thanks
  13. I am a SA & I send pics to all my clients whenever anything new comes in. I try to keep the pics in case I ever need them for reference. ..........as in this case. I kinda knew what it was from your description. Good job! The bag looks sooo much better in person. The red gradually gets darker as it goes toward the bottom. You are going to love it.
  14. the bag is georgeous......
  15. oh my god i need that bag! does anyone have dimensions and is it still available?

    and what is the style number (not the colour code)? :smile: