Hello! Skinny Jeans

  1. Hey ladies I was wondering if any of you actually have a pair of jeans from the "Hello! Skinny Jeans" brand... I'm thinking about buying a pair but wanted to make sure the "hype" was true..
    Do they really make you look skinnier:confused1:
    Do they lift your bum:confused1:
    Are you supposed to order your true size or one smaller:confused1:

    Overall I'm just so confused! :shrugs: I mean, they sound incredible, and I have heard of jeans that do this, but I am not sure about this brand...

    Please let me know!!! Thank you ladies so much!!:p
  2. hmm never heard of those, mst of my skinny jeans are from zara and mango
  3. I have heard about them, but haven't been able to try them or even see them IRL. They are jeans that are supposed make you look skinny. They actually have a slight bootcut from what I have read. I am also interested to hear from someone who has these jeans.
  4. Ladies anyone else!?!! Any knowledge would help!!! Again, the BRAND is "hello! Skinny Jeans" Thanks again!:p
  5. I'm interested too! I'm trying to look for some skinny jeans for fall.