Hello! Question about Miu Miu Coffer

  1. Today I went shopping with Around $8000 Budget as I wanna buy a watch and a bag. Anyway, I couldn't make a decision about the watch yet but I found a MIU MIU Coffer in Pink and was falling in love with it.

    I never own any Miu Miu bag before. I got some Prada bags and wallets but not a big fan. Most of my bags are LV and Chanel. Personally, I saw MIU MIU as a seasonal fashion bag. Coffer is quite a very popular bag for a while but I didn't see them much lately (on street or with celebrities). I always bought bag(s) which I can use for more than 5 years so Do you guys think coffer will be out anytime soon?

    Should I buy a Pink or Black one? Black is nice but pink is my favorite and looks so cute.

    Any other Miu Miu bags that come lately with pink color? Any pic would be appreciate. Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. Wow, Pink!! I haven't seen the Coffer in pink yet........but I am dying to see it!! I have the black Coffer and L:heart:VE It!! It is my everyday bag and I will use it for a looooooong time to come. I think that you will be very happy with the Coffer, but as far as the color, I think that is a choice best made by you. However, if you do buy the pink.......please, please, please share it with us in pictures!! ;)
  3. You know it's a very cute color. If I decide to buy one, I will post a pic. Thanks for your reply miu2 :smile:

  4. Hi,

    Is this color what they call BLUSH? NM online has one...but not sure if this is the same one...
  5. Maybe it called BLUSH but the SA at Harrods called her "Pink". Have no idea.