Hello... people on the waitlist for Miroir Lockit


Miroir Lockit

  1. Silver

  2. Gold

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  1. Hey everyone

    What color Miroir Lockit are you going to get when it comes out??

    I can't figure out which one I want!!!
  2. Silver is my first choice.
  3. There's no both option so I couldn't vote, I'm getting both colors.

  4. Good choice!!!
  5. I think I prefer silver, but I may just lose self-restraint and get both!
  6. I say do it, get both! : )
  7. Is anyone having trouble still with SAs not putting you on the list? I don't know if I am too late if I call now but I don't want to go through hassle!

    What do you guys think? Should I even try?
    And I am so for both!!!!
  8. LOL, and to think I thought I was an enabler! Thanks Michelle, I think I will! Haha, my SA must think I'm insane, I keep bothering her with questions every week!

  9. I like the way you think:yes:
  10. I'm down for both :yes:
  11. I got the Gold Speedy for the first Miroir launch, so I'll go with Silver this time around. :yes:

    I hope they keep it just as limited this time though. They might produce a lot, since they were such a success last time?
  12. ^^If anything, I think they're producing less. It's not even being publicized.
  13. im hoping for a gold one. I already have a silver miroir speedy.
  14. I prefer the lockit in silver, but realistically get any color you can get your hands on.
  15. I'm thinking Silver too.. I just can't make up my mind!!!