Hello nvchampagne!

  1. If you guys haven't seen them yet, check out her contribution to our Red Pieces in the Reference Library!!!:drool:
    We might need you to tell us more. . . we love red!!!
  2. They are simply stunning.....
  3. oh my!they're fabulous!

  4. oh yes her red bags are totally fabuleux!
  5. Lovely Reds!
  6. Okay, so am I the only one that did not know there was a lady braid flap?!? GORGEOUS! This really makes me want a red Chanel.
  7. nvchampagne, your red flaps are TDF!! :nuts:
  8. Love that silk!
  9. *faints* Look at that '05 medium!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  10. awww she is a lovely girl!

    She said she was going to London yesterday, im guessing that is where the gorgeous new silk/satin clutch came from ;)

    Lucky girl, its gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. she has got some beautful red Chanels and is soo lucky
  12. What gorgeous red bags :nuts::yes::tup::love::drool::heart:
  13. :drool:
  14. Wow! Red is stunning!
  15. RED RED RED, guess it wouldnt be hard to figure out what your favorite color is ??? Lovely bags