Hello - new to LV!

  1. Just thought i'd say hello - I am peeking in from the Coach tpf forum. I just won my first LV from eBay - a Vernis Lexington. Though i've had my eye on the Vernis collection for a few months, I don't know much about LV yet (I bid on the Lexington on a complete whim and was surprised that I'd actually won it), so I thought i'd visit this forum and learn all I can! I'm very excited to be joining you all!

    I do have a question - can anyone tell me about care/cleaning of vernis, or point me in the direction of an existing post that covers this topic?
    Thanks! :tup:
  2. Have you already had it authenticated from the LV experts here? That would be my first concern when dealing with e-bay. :yes:
  3. Welcome :heart:
  4. Welcome to the LV side of tPF! :welcome:

    As for caring for Vernis leather, please read the following instructions:
    -Avoid prolonged contact with any material that may transfer their color pigments onto the patent leather (magazines, or other leathers).
    -Store the article in the felt pouch provided to protect it.
    -You should keep your bag dry and protect it from direct sources of heat (radiators, inside of cars in summer).
    -Avoid exposure to sunlight, the color of your patent leather article may fade.
    -Patent leather is permeable to grease and make-up. Keep them away from your article.
    -Some small dark grains can be found under the varnish, due to manufacturing process, without impacting on the quality of your product.
    -To clean your bag, wipe it with a soft cloth.

    [Straight from the LV website. ;)]

    Can't wait to see pics of your new bag!!!
  5. Yes, it's been authenticated and the seller is a tpf member. :tup:
  6. Thank you for all the tips John! I'll share pics when it arrives! :yes:
  7. welcome! hope you enjoy your first LV! post pictures when you get your lex too!! :smile: congrats!!!
  8. Welcome to TPF! Enjoy your new LV.:smile:
  9. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  10. Welcome to the LV section you will be hooked on this section. Please post pics. ANd I love your avatar. COngrats on winning the auction. I love that winning feeling.
  11. Welcome, we are glad to have another LV fan!
  12. Congrats!!! How exciting!!!
  13. Welcome LV!:flowers:
  14. enjoy and congrast!
  15. Congrats! What color?