Hello...new to forum....just wanted to say hi

  1. I hope I learn a lot in this forum...
  2. Hello, welcome!! I'd say you definitely will learn a LOT (and buy a lot too) :p
  3. welcome! you're in for a treat...you're going to get valuable information, opinions and...oh YEAH spend a LOT of money!!!
  4. Welcome to you! SO much fun to be had over here - clutch your wallet to your chest while you can...
  5. Hee hee. You'll learn how to spend! Just kidding.;)
  6. You'll definitely learn a lot, but you'll also meet some neat people too! Welcome!!
  7. Welcome! You'll definitely learn a lot...a lot more than you ever wanted to! If you're like any of us, in no time you'll be obsessed and spending way more than you ever thought possible on a handbag!
  8. Welcome. Be sure to check out the subforums eg. The Kitchen (great recipes), Animalicious (pet forum) etc.
  9. Welcome! And I must warn you this forum is addictive!!! But in a good way! I can't even tell you how much I've learned from new designers, to the quality of materials, who has the best customer servers, hard to find items, COUPON CODES!!!!, it just goes on and on. But the best part is I've met some really cool people who are just as obsessive as I am. Buckle your seat belt honey, you're in for the ride of your life!
  10. Hey LadyValea, welcome to TPF :flowers:, it's a great place with lots of really friendly people. You can definitely find answers to those burning purse related questions here, or just have fun talking about your favorite brands.

    You'll also probably find lots of new things that you never even realized that you wanted. Well, at least that's what happened to me :p

    Enjoy yourself and look around.