Hello, new purse lover here!

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  1. Hey all,

    Just joined the forum yesterday after finding this site on a random google search!
    So thought I'd say hello! Obviously I am a major purse fanatic, LV is my aboslute fave and I hate fakes! Guess I'll be at home here then right?:idea:
  2. Welcome Lassy !!!!!

    Jump right on in and make yourself at home.
  3. Welcome. Newbies are so cool. I think you'll fit in great.
  4. Welcome :biggrin: Just a warning...this place is addicting!!!! :love:
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome!

    And yes Noriko is right. This place is very addicting. I'm not a major poster, only every now and then, but I read it almost every night. The people here are ultra nice!
  7. hey ya! welcome! you're gonna have so much fun on this forum!!!
  8. Welcome! Hope you have fun on this very addicting site!
  9. Welcome! :]
  10. Welcome! I'm fairly new myself. You will be on this site every night!
  11. Welcome Scottish Chick!
  12. Aw thanks guys! Just glad there is a place to share my obsession!
  13. Welcome ! ;)
  14. Hi! I'm a newbie too! and i must say that this site is really addicting! :P
  15. howdy noobs!