Hello, new here! Have a question about the Speedy 25!

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  1. Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum, mainly stick to Coach. I've never been a big LV fan but I'm starting to now...especially after seeing the Vernis items. They're GORGEOUS!

    I'm very interested in the Speedy 25 though. I'm looking for something more upscale that I can bring to work with me. Is the Speedy extremely large? I'd like to take it to school and shopping as well but I don't want something that's insanely huge hanging from my arm. Also, do you wear the bag with black clothing or do you stick with mostly browns?

    Does anybody have any modeling pics? TIA!
  2. Check out the Visual Aids thread in the LV Reference forum. Tons of modeling photos there.
  3. No, the speedy 25 is not large at all. I would consider it more of a midsize bag. It holds a lot though. I wear my mono items with any color. I don't think you are limited at all. That is what I like about LV mono - goes with absolutely everything (well maybe not an evening gown lol).
  4. hello and welcome!!!

    the speedy 25 was my first bag (only still) and i LOVE it! its a great size and it holds everything i need it to hold!!!

    the pic i posted it from the day i got it! hope this helps! also i wear mine everyday with every color! i love the mono for that reason!
  5. The 25 isn't extremely large at all though I feel a 30 is on the large side. I think 25 is the perfect size! I wear my speedy with any color. Which line were you thinking of? Damier and Epi are elegant. :smile:
  6. I was thinking of the monogram canvas. I'm going for a job interview next week and the establishment is business casual. I just bought a new bag this past week (Coach) so I wouldn't be able to buy the LV one for a while, but it's just so darn cute. I figured it was time for something a bit more upscale for the office. I just wasn't sure if I would be able to wear it with black as well, since the canvas is more on the brown side. Thanks for all your input, girls!
  7. It looks great on you! Thank you for the modeling pic, now I want it even more! :yes:
  8. Funny, I just took my mono speedy 25 out today for the first time in about a month. I love this bag! I wear it with everything, and it holds a lot but it isn't a huge bag. Great for everyday. You won't regret it.
    By the way, great picture Courtney! You're adorable!
  9. I use my damier speedy as my everyday bag, go to work, go shopping, go to movies, etc. it is not a large bag at all. I think it's just the right size for me, not too large, still very roomy. I like damier better coz i don't have to worry about patina or be afraid of it getting dirty or wet. It rains a lot in Thailand in the past few weeks, so I get to use my damier speedy almost everyday.

    Somehow, I think speedy 25 looks much cuter than 30, it's more casual, I guess.

    these are some pics of me w/ my damier speedy 25 and perfo speedy 30 w/ cardboards.

  10. I think the speedy 25 is a great bag. So classic and practical! Good luck deciding and please post pics when you make your purchase!
  11. I just purchased a damier speedy 25 last week. I was wearing a navy pencil skirt and blouse when I tried it on and it went really well. It's also great with jeans. Loves it!!!!!!!!
  12. Speedy 25 is a good bag! great for shopping n everywhere really.
  13. Lauren,
    Hello and welcome! I just made my 1st LV purchase a month ago and it was the Monogrammed Speedy 25. I still have yet to post pics, which I'm hoping to do shortly, but I gotta say that I LOVE IT! It's a great size for shopping or work. Tonight, I went shopping and wore it with blue jeans, brown patent leather pumps, and a bright peachy blouse. It looks fab with black as well. It's not going to be matchy-matchy with everything, but thats the point in fashion...
  14. Welcome!
  15. speedy 25 is such a good go-to default bag~! matches with any color:wlae: