Hello - new guy here, need help

  1. I live in the Cayman Islands and I am looking for a really "hot bag" in the $1500 to $2,000 range.

    We have the full line of Fendis available here, but do not have Louis V or Hermes. I would be happy to buy online etc, but of course do not have a clue on what to buy/how to buy it:confused1: . i have two weeks, so if i do not buy here, then it will have to be fedexed/dhl'd etc..

  2. I don't think Fendis are the way to go. Their new line is quite icky, IMO (people who love it, please don't take offense).
    If you're talking about 1500 to 2k, then I think you can go for Chanel (do they have Chanel at your location?). Hop over to the Chanel forum, there are threads with pictures of bags and prices. There are several nice ones that are under 2k.
    Most LV you can get for under 1200. Check out eluxury.com
  3. Thanks. Can I easily buy online?

  4. Thanks much:yes: Which one is an "it bag"? Note the following:

    1. I want to impress her/make a stmt.

    2. she's a mid-western girl, not hugely into fashion, brand recoginition by her an her friends is a (yes, shallow) but unfortunate MUST. She/They do not know too much about fashion

    What about Prada?
  5. i love my prada bags..there are some amazing leather ones out now that are gorgeous...several compartments, not HUGE logos and last forever...try eluxury.com
    hope that helps!
  6. I second the eluxury idea. You should definitely be able to find a bag with "brand recognition" there.
  7. I suggest that you get her an LV Speedy...much less expensive than your $1500 limit (dude, you can use the difference to take her on a nice trip!), and it is a classic and iconic bag. Her friends will most probably know what Louis Vuitton is (who doesn't, these days?) and she'll be able to use it forever. They are sturdy and beautiful.

    (says the girl who has yet to buy one!) :sweatdrop:
  8. Thanks, so much for your help so far.

    I am leaning towards Louis Vuitton, well BECAUSE YOU GUYS TOLD ME TO:p

    I am going to the websites right now, also what about Hermes?
  9. Hermes is generally alot more expensive than what you're looking to spend. And also fails in the brand recognition category. My suggestion is a LV monogrammed Alma -it's a little more unique than a speedy but is also a bag that can be used forever.
  10. LV is safer :smile:
  11. I agree on LV......and for a first one Speedy 30 or 25 is a classic
  12. OK, just looked and i like the monogram alma, but i also like the beige nomade. What about beige, maybe as a guy the leather look has more appeal. Girls?

    Also, is LV still considered classy, i mean is that what women carry in the upper west/east side of NY, or has it gone "ghettoish"?
    Sorry, i see it happening to alot of brands in champagne, cars etc...
  13. The best online selection of Prada is styledrops.com. They carry most of the major designers. They (unfortunately) tend to charge more than retail because they can get bags that are in demand and hard to come by. It's a legit site too. Don't get swayed by the "great deals" on all the scam sites out there.

    Check Raffaello Network too. Another legit site but their inventory has been low lately.