Hello - Need Help on this!

  1. Hi, I"m Layne and I am a photographer for a couture consignment business called "Couture Closet." We recently recieved a Chanel HARDSIDED bag from 2005 - limited edition and were trying to find more information about it online but can't seem to come up with anything!

    i've posted some pictures:




    (click above link for more)

    The interior tag says: "2005 Premier Edition" and the interior is nylon? and has a corset-style lace-up between the compartments. One side of the bag is curved and one side has a double "hump" that looks a lot like a woman's derrier. :blush:

    anywho, if any of you have any idea what the deal is with this bag, i'd love you to share it. i believe it is the first hard-sided bag EVER issued by Chanel.

    Thanks for your help! I've been using this forum as a source of info for a while, and this is the first time i've been unable to find the bag somewhere else online!
  2. I am not too sure, but I am sure the ladies would be happy to help you in the Chanel sub-forum...you'll probably get more responses from there. btw, Welcome!
  3. aak! sub-forum! fantastic!

    many thanks, will do! ;)
  4. Thanks for moving it for me, kind admin!
  5. This bag was discussed before. The most informative post talked about how this bag was originally designed by Karl Lagerfeld in Spring/Summer 1999.

    The bag was actually designed with the purpose of a "headrest" in mind .... Karl apparently thought it would be chic to be able to use your bag as a headrest while you bask in the sun at the beach.

    Hope that helps!
  6. sorry - i just joined and searched as much as i could before posting, but thanks for the info!

    so do you think the "2005" in the interior is a bag number?
  7. oh, and is it safe to assume it would have retailed for the typical $1500?

    or did these bags cost less/more?
  8. Check Bluefly, they were full of them for a while.
  9. There were a bunch on ebay over the weekend too.
  10. it was `seasonal, im guessing it went on sale...
  11. I remember that thread, and how it showed the model by the last name of O'Conner was modeling that bag and using it as a headrest.