Hello =) My TINY Collection


Jan 3, 2006
Hello, my name's Hannah and I'm new to this forum. I've been browsing as a guest for awhile but only recently joined as a member, woohoo~ Thought I'd share my little collection with everyone :biggrin:

1. Speedy 25 (I'm selling this for a speedy 30 on ebay, so if anyone's interested just PM me :amuse:)

2. Kooba Sienna bag in Cream

3. Michael Kors Studded 'Astor' Shopper (perfect for school)

4. Marc Jacobs Selma bag in Buff
Thanks all ^^ I love my MJ as well, my favorite purse..
Bags are going to be the death of me, I spend all my paychecks on them lol.
By the way does anyone know how to clean light colored leather? How to prevent them from getting dirty?
I really like using apple products. I learned about them from this forum. So far I tried the Leather Care, it's a cleaner and condtioner in one. It worked really well on my leather bags. I also used their suede cleaner on a jacket, and it looks great!