Hello =) My TINY Collection

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  1. Hello, my name's Hannah and I'm new to this forum. I've been browsing as a guest for awhile but only recently joined as a member, woohoo~ Thought I'd share my little collection with everyone :biggrin:

    1. Speedy 25 (I'm selling this for a speedy 30 on ebay, so if anyone's interested just PM me :amuse:)

    2. Kooba Sienna bag in Cream

    3. Michael Kors Studded 'Astor' Shopper (perfect for school)

    4. Marc Jacobs Selma bag in Buff
  2. You have a lovely collection there!
  3. Nice collection! Keep it up! Really like the MJ!
  4. Very nice! I'm drooling over your MJ Selma, it's gorgeous.
  5. Nice collection! Love the MJ!!
  6. I like your Kooba Sienna. Very cute collection!
  7. Love the MJ!! :love:
  8. Great collection! Your Marc Jacobs rocks!
  9. Thanks all ^^ I love my MJ as well, my favorite purse..
    Bags are going to be the death of me, I spend all my paychecks on them lol.
    By the way does anyone know how to clean light colored leather? How to prevent them from getting dirty?
  10. nice collection..esp the kooba sienna..:love:
  11. Nice collection!
  12. I really like using apple products. I learned about them from this forum. So far I tried the Leather Care, it's a cleaner and condtioner in one. It worked really well on my leather bags. I also used their suede cleaner on a jacket, and it looks great!
  13. Very cute collection. Love the MJ! Great color
  14. Very cute collection!
  15. I can see myself using all of those! Great choices!