Hello my name is Zeenia and I am a bagholic

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  1. Soooo I have put my self-imposed ban because I bought three designer items (two bags and a wallet) in less than four weeks but I think I have a problem, I just bought my first chanel two weeks ago and my new wallet less than a week ago but I am lusting after a couple of bags already one of them being the speedy 35 in damier ebene and I am now thinking about getting it because I think it would look cute with shorts and the flowy tops that go with spring....so my question to u all is how do u keep ur self on a ban without going insane after the bags that you want
  2. It's a constant struggle lol. The wish list is never ending! I would love a Speedy B 25 in DE... And a Favorite MM! :help: :P
  3. we should form a support group to keep us on track I want to keep myself on this ban until May so that I know that I don't have an addiction to buying handbags its just so hard I have to constantly keep myself from going on to the websites to browse.....this is not good I think I have an addiction I would too love to get the speedy B in DE in 35 and I loveeee the favorite omg I am officially addicted
  4. Yep it's official.. It's an addiction. Ban Island and Content Island are calling our names!
  5. U are right I just hope I can stay on the 'Ban' wagon until May :ban:
  6. Almost content with my purse and wallet LV collection. Once I purchase everything then I will start building my luggage collection.
  7. join the club :smile:
  8. Welcome to LVAA( LV Addicts Anonymous)😁
  9. I couldn't stop laughing aftet reading this.

  10. I really think we need something like this lmao

  11. Absolutely. Problem is coming to TPF for addiction help is like holding an AA meeting in a bar.
  12. :lolots: That seriously cracked me up on this dreary work day!

  13. haha you are quite right I think I need to avoid tpf for a while just looking in to all these discussions of these purses makes me want to impulse buy
  14. Best thing to do is take a break from TPF. This site definitely wakes the beast in me to want more more more.

  15. Right!