Hello! My name is Marek

  1. :yes: Hello! I'm new here and I want to show You my very small collection. My name is Marek and I'm from Poland. My nearest LV shop is 600km away in Vienna:sad: .

    1. Keepall 60
    2. Olav PM
    3. Damier Cles
    4. LV book
    my LV.JPG
  2. Welcome to the club Marek! But be forewarned, your currently 'small' LV collection will get much bigger, really soon! That's the effect this forum has on its members...you just become more and more obsessed :nuts: In the 4 short months I've been a member here, I've already added 5 new pieces to my collection! :shame:
  3. Wow 5 in 4 months? I want to get my first piece lol
  4. which LV book is that?
  5. I think its the coffee table book

    by Paul-Gerard Pasols;)

    Thanks for posts
  7. Hello Marek WOW poland hope to see your collection grow
  8. That's including accessories though....;) I know, no excuse...shame on me :shame:
  9. Welcome to the forum Marek! Dragon Girl is correct, you're need for LV's will only grow while on here. Since I joined about a month ago I've already bought 2 and and trying to decide on the third very soon. Hope you love it here :smile:
  10. Welcome to the forum!!
  11. Welcome to tPF, nice collection you have going there.
  12. Welcome and you have a nice collection.
  13. welcome to the PF... you'll love it here! you have a beautiful lv collection also! :love:
  14. Welcome to tPF Marek!! You've got a great collection! I like your chair too.
  15. hi Marek!!