Hello my name is Jillian and Im a Coachaholic

  1. I thought I would take a second to introduce myself to you lovely ladies:yahoo:. You seem like a great bunch, a bad influence, but none the less a nice group. Im Jillian, married mother of 1, and Im addicted to Coach, which may explain why I am broke. So :drinks: and I look foward to spend too much time here.
  2. turn around and walk away right now! you will be even more broke the longer you spend here!

    we have fun though :smile: welcome!
  3. Welcome Jillian. My name is Courtney and I am also a Coach-a-holic :drinks:
  4. Welcome to the tPF!!!

    I too am a coachaholic!!! Most of us here are LOL ;)

    This Coach subforum is great and there are a lot of wonderful people here! :p

    I have learned sooo much about Coach from the tPF! I hope you will enjoy your time here!!:yes:
  5. Welcome! You'll love it here!
  6. Welcome to TPF!
  7. Welcome to our little slice of Coach Heaven Jillian!!!!
  8. Welcome! You'll love it here.
  9. :yahoo:

    I am glad I introduced you to the Coach Forum...

    The addiction is powerful... :sweatdrop:

    You'll have to go on the next Charlotte trip with me to visit my SA! :yes:
  10. Welcome!

    You will love it, your wallet will hate it, and your dh will remain bemused and puzzled!

    We look forward to having you here!
  11. Hi Jillian.. I'm Katie and I'm also a Coachoholic.

  12. Yes, I too am a Coachaholic! Even sold my one lone LV recently just because I like my Coach so much better. Yep, weird! LOL! Welcome!
  13. Hi, Jillian. I'm Sarah and I'm also a Coachaholic. And I pay Coach to work for them, and .... oh, you get the idea.

    Welcome to tPF! You've a very pretty name by the way!
  14. Welcome! Its great to have you here. Thanks for sharing with us. I love Coach too, almost 5 years now for me.
  15. Hi Jillian! Welcome to the board! Totally OT but I love your name- is was on my list of baby names when I had my daughter :smile:
    This place will totally enable your addiction so watch out :p