Hello. My name is _ , and I'm addicted to LV.

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  1. It's more difficult to admit than I expected, but I've heard that admitting a problem is the first step to getting help, so here goes:
    I never expected it would happen to me even though I have always loved bags (my first designer was just a Paloma Picasso – whatever happened to her?) but only thought I could admire LVs from afar.
    It all began just over a month ago on 28 December 2007 when I got my first – Mono Speedy 25. From the first touch of the velvety, buttery smooth vachetta handles, I knew I was in trouble.
    The second was the Vavin PM on 10 January 2008.
    Damier Ribera Mini arrived on 21 January 2008.
    #4 & #5 were purchased brand new - Damier Speedy 25 & Neverfull PM on 22 January 2008 (had to beat the price increase, after all)
    Popincourt Haut arrived yesterday.
    Reade PM is expected next week.
    Still eyeing others, not even including smaller items (wapity!, pochette accessories, ...), but I think I need to slow down.
    I LVoe this forum, but it’s not helping – drooling over everyone's collections; everyone on the LV subforum is so friendly & welcoming; our authenticators are the BEST! :woohoo:If anything the addiction is accelerating!
    Is there a cure? …will it ever stop?
    I think I need professional help. Do you think a vernis cles will help? :angel: (...no, NO! MUST resist!)
  2. I will say, since I joined TPF my purse addiction has definitely elevated...lol!

    I don't think you need professional help, unless you are spending $ beyond your means or going into debt because of your habit!
    Happy Shopping!
  3. Welcome! I have the Popincourt Haut - do you love it? Enjoy your new addiction, oh I mean your bags....;)
  4. I definitely get that LV high all the time!! I need the occasional fix but am trying to spread out my purchases as much as I can so I can savor the moments..heehee
  5. I DEFINITELY think a vernis cles will help! lol...but sadly, I don't think there is a cure. I think one day you might realized that you're happy with your collection and don't need anymore (for awhile, at least), but until then...it seems your addiction is here to stay!
  6. Thankfully, i guess it's not beyond ... (knock on wood). When I first started looking, I was actually surprised that there were pieces that are quite affordable, and pieces that could be affordable with some saving up. I never expected it, just assumed that everything would be well beyond reach.

    :yes: I DO love it! Haven't actually carried it yet, Damier Speedy's been the bag for the last week, but I definitely wanted something I can put on my shoulder, esp. in the winter.
  7. :yes: THAT'S what I was afraid of.
  8. There will come a day when you are finally content with your bag collection for awhile.....then you'll move onto accessories!! LOL I'm waiting for my first pair of LV sunglasses to be delivered today! I'm very happy with my bags right now and I'm not lusting after any at this time. I'm sure it will change in a few months when the new watercolor speedy comes out.
  9. I too, am an addict... my name is Simone and I'm an LV addict! I don't want to recover yet!!! lol... Like Bacardigirl says, as long as you don't put yourself in a hole where your digging to get out, enjoy it!! LV is a wonderful thing and welcome to the addiction... errr LVOE!!!
  10. wow, that's a lot of LV in a short time period. when you look at others' collections, keep in mind that some tpf members have been collecting LV for years and years. it will take time to build an extensive collection, unless your financial means allow you to spend freely.

    if you can't afford to pay for the bag(s), slow down on buying.

    the process of "saving" is what excites me. i think it's a lot more fun to wait and save for the handbag, rather than buy, buy, buy immediately. it's the rush i get when chasing the LV dragon that occupies my thoughts and satisfies my desires for more.
  11. I feel the same way as you and am trying to slow down. I keep reminding myself to be selective and treasure each purchase instead of mass buying. I also try to set a pace. That helps keep in check (sort of).:angel:
  12. Welcome to tPF~~!
    I have to admit too, I love being on tPF but it definitely does not help my bank account. I just can't stop purchasing things. I've recently gotten control over myself though HAHA. I'm on a ban!
  13. The vernis cles will definitely help to clear your mind... so you can concentrate on the next purchase!
  14. ^^ :yes: this is what I'm thinking. ;)
    But I think there's another thread out there that SAYS they're addictive.
    Maybe LVs should come with a little warning card ... "Warning: CAN become addictive." And what's that brand of potato chips (or is it peanuts) that warns, "Betcha can't have just one."
  15. The vernis cles will help. But, eventually you'll wind down, I think... at least I did. I'm proud to say I haven't made a purchase since the July price increase. But, coming here does fuel the addiction until you can get it under control. In the beginning it's really tough. You are where I was about a year or two ago. I'm glad I slowed down, cause it can be a little stressful. Enjoy your beautiful things! I do!