Hello! my first post!

  1. hey y'all! I have been a lurker for awhile, I found out about this board on eBay, where I sell lol. I have a question though

    I really really want the new ergo tote in scarf print, but its not on coachs website yet. I know they have to be selling it somewhere because its on eBay:p

    If I call the number on the coach website can I possibly order it that way? will it ever be on the site? I hate traveling through new orleans since katrina, and its the closest retail coach store to me.
  2. You could even call a coach store and order it there, I think they will ship it for free too
  3. Welcome to tPF!

    You can search 'ergo' on the Coach site and it should show up. Of course, if you want the free shipping your best bet is to order it through a Coach boutique.
  4. really?? I tried this morning and cant find the ergo scarf tote. just the leather totes or the ergo hobos in scarf lol! I dont mind paying shipping from the website
  5. welcome !

    i just looked at coach.com and they don't appear to have a scarf tote.. only leather... no idea how to find other than maybe calling coach?
  6. thanks! everyone seems really friendly here
  7. ok cool, I didnt know more stuff was coming out then. ahhhh just what my CC needs:nuts:
  8. March 30th everything should be available. i tried on the ergo scarf print tote yesterday at the boutique. gorgeous...i like it much more than the hobo!! i did buy the wristlet.

    But if you want it now, just go on in to the boutique and tell them what you want. you get free shipping, and you can have it delivered to what ever address you prefer!
  9. that's what i was going to suggest. just go in and place your order and they can ship it to you AND its gift wrapped so yay on that!
  10. yeah but I have to drive 45 min to get there, actually longer than that because they are still fixing the bridge from katrina lol. I can wait till the 1st! thanks girls, I figured someone would know how to get one

    or can I just call the store? would I have to actually drive to the store?
  11. just try calling first. if they give you a hard time ask to talk to a manager
  12. just a quick update, my outlet store ordered it for me today!! thanks girls!