HELLO!!! MULBERRY MEET!!!!!xxxxxxx

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  1. I had a phone call from Bicester yesterday,they were very kindly giving me info on which black bags they now had in,after I called them a while ago on my search and then got the Babington,anyway........said I was sorted blah blah,but I was in the market for an olive ledbury early in the new year,could I call them and arrange to have one in when I'm ready? YES!!!!YAY!!!! Ladies get your lists and cash ready,looks like if its in the outlets they can ship between each other to fufill customer orders!!!!!xxxxxxxxx
  2. Oh wow! Oh dear! This is dangerous for my bank balance. Nearer the time we'll have to compile a list of 'wanted' bags then phone the outlet and warn them!!
  3. I know! I wonder how many olive bags of different styles will be requested? I think I am quite set on getting something olive,but what to choose,I am wondering if Hanovers may have got into the outlets by then,I don't have a hobo style bag,so maybe an olive Hanover?
  4. Don't think they did an Olive hanover:shrugs: but i could be wrong. Think i could be swayed by an Olive phoebe or ledbury- but also liking the small oak somerset shoulder bag. oooooh don't know. I might just wait and see when i get there! An oak jaquetta would be great!! As you can see I haven't made my mind up!!!!

  5. I know,thats the problem isn't it? I think I've decided what I want,see someones new one or their collections and then I change my mind!Shame about the hanover not being olive,but I did see Eva Longoria sporting one,it looked a bit paler than oak and it was gorgeous!!!
    But as I said everytime I come on here my want list grows and then I have to decide what are my really most wanted,I just hope I can be a bit sensible when we all get there,I'm thinking a couple of little things like cosmetics purse,keyring,couple of tins of spray and a bag and in that way I will feel like I have had a few treats but without going mad and grabbing loads of bags,dreading getting home and then having to face Andy and telling him I did exactly what he predicted,he'd bloody kill me!!!!!!!

  6. Great news Chaz. We'll have to send them a list of all the bags we want in store for our shopping bonanza, nearer the time.
    I'm in the very odd situation of not hankering after anything at the moment but know that will all change by May!!
    I think my list will have a Somerset tote in oak and possibly a red Mabel on it.
  7. As for me I want them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh don't you'll start me off again!!!xxxxxxx