Hello MJ Gals~ I need your advice on a Grey MJ***

  1. :heart:Hello~ I normally haunt the LV forum but have been lurking here the past few days. I purchased a Grey Nimbus from LV and was really dissapointed in the bag. It was not worth 2K IMO.

    Anywhoooo...I have been contimplating getting a grey MJ stam or Bowler.
    I found this one~ Dove Patent Leather for 1425.00
    My question is, Is there any other grey MJ bags? Since I am new to this line, I am wondering if I have missed any other colors along the grey spectrum?

    Any help with this would be greatly apprecited as i am most definitely new to MJ but have :heart: it from afar.

    Also if you know of any "discounts" happening online anywhere...every little bit helps:graucho:
    Thank you~
  2. Hey Ghost! Sorry to hear that the Nimbus didn't work out for you. :sad: I think you might like the light Grey color in the MJ Spring 07 collection. It's very pretty. I know the collection included this color in many styles including the Christy, Deborah, Multipocket, Tote, Venetia, Blake and Zip Clutch. Let me see if I can dig up some pictures for you...be right back!
  3. Visit the MJ website for some darker grey options too, there are A LOT on there. Also, the NM 100th anniv. stam is grey...gorgeous IRL.
  4. Here's a few to start with:








  5. Thanks everyboday! Yes...the LV nimbus Perle color was gorgy..but definitely not worth the $.

    I also found this one:


    But I need a shoulder strap as well.

    I did not know there was a MJ site...I will have to go and look asap:drool:

    Oh yeah~ What about the past color "putty" more of a beige?
  6. Here's a pic of the anniversary stam


  7. ^^^ I LIKEY!:drool:...Neimans?

  8. Thanks! I think I still like the patent leather one I posted in the 1st pic...a little better.

    I looked on Neimans site and couldn't find any pics. My sister works for Neimans (manager) and gets 30% off any item...so I may need to casually give her a call;)

    Thank you so much for your help.

    The Putty color is more of a beige right?
  9. Hmmm... I really want a grey bag. It has been such a debocle as of late.

    history~ Ordered the LV Nimbus...no go..returned
    ~ ordered a HH bag...no go..returning mon.
    ~ Have this one that I may return... Botkier Bryant


    But I REALLY :heart: MJ and have always wanted one...I also like instant gratification...that is terrible isn't it:wtf:..I am going to Saks/neimans on Tuesday...I need to HOLD out until then I am afraid.

    I think I am torn b/w the [​IMG]and [​IMG]
  10. I think Putty is definitely more tan than gray.

    I really like the Stone color. It is definitely more of a gray.

    The bags you are looking at are gorgeous! Let us know what you pick!
  11. ^^ Thanks! I have been on the internet all day researching...we shall see....:tup:
  12. Okay~ I have definitley decided the Botkier Bryant is being returned. I am in love w/ MJ!:yahoo:...So...off to find one and join your forum!:party:
  13. Oh YAY! I'm happy you chose MJ! Can't wait to see what bag (Stam) you decide to get!!!:yes: