Hello LV Lovers!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I sort of feel embarrased to be here, since you're all ladies and I'm a 15yr old guy, lol.

    I live in sunny Brissie (Brisbane), I got to school, love to shop (I'm a HUGE brand name nazi)!

    My favourite brand by far is LOUIS VUITTON! I don't know why it is, I just love the luxury and design scheme they use and everything.

    It's a bit odd when I tell people I love LV, not many people I know like it and get pretty mad when it's mentioned. "waste of money and all that".

    I own a belt, wallet, and am getting an Ipod case. Whenever I go shopping in the city I always go into the store cause the people there are fantastic and really friendly.

    So yeah...I'm really excited to talk about LV and all the cool things about it.

    P.S: I'm a heterosexual.
    P.P.S: I know it's hard to believe...but I am, lol!
  2. Welcome LTommyV! We are not all ladies here, there are a few guys!
  3. Oh really cool! Congrats your my first reply, YAY!
  4. Welcome LTommyV! LV Rawks is right, there are some other guys on here too.
  5. Hi Tommy! Welcome to PF!!!:flowers:
  6. Well Tommy I am homo and thats me in my picture lol and I have my collection up

    Matt's LV Collection check it out, John's is also up too! DeluxeDuck... Great guys here
  7. Cool thanks! Is that LV Rawks' real pciture in her avatar, she's really pretty!
  8. hetero means straight right? cause i'm not gay soz.
  9. wow.... yeah hetero means you like girls... a rare breed on here lol
  10. hey LTommyV welcome to THE PURSE FORUM!!!
  11. Hey..welcome to PF mate !
  12. Anyone who loves LV is A-OK in my book and everyone's book here. Welcome aboard. We are glad you are here. :smile:
  13. oh ok...i think my friends call me "metro" no idea...
  14. I only know Vlad likes girl...
  15. Holy Hell, I wish! That is Kate Beckinsale!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.