Hello..LV, here I come

  1. I have not been using LVs for nearly 2 years as I went crazy about Chanel and all my budgets went to Chanel. When I think of buying a bag or accessories I just only go to Chanel and get the one that I want.

    Lately, I got 2 Speedy bags and begin addicted to LV again.

    I plan to buy a new LV bag soon and please, give me some advices. Which one I should get?? My budget is around 600 pounds.

    I have a Cherises Bucket bag, Cherises Pochette, Panda Pochette, MC Pochette in Black,Antiqua Cabas PM, AZUR speedy 25, Mini Lin Speedy, and MC white Speedy.

    Please, look at my bag style and recommend me some bags. I love Cabas Raye GM so much but it is too expensive for me.

    PS: I don't like plain monogram canvas and no monogram mirior ,please.
  2. A few suggestions:

    Damier: Chelsea or Knightsbridge

    Vernis: Roxbury Drive or Brentwood

    Denim: Baggy PM or Pleaty

    Epi: Jasmin or Passy
  3. hmmmm....this is difficult..
    do you like damier?
    how about the damier azur saleya mm?
    or the regular saleya?
    or the pampelonne pm? (i think that may be really expensive though..)
    maybe the antigua besace?
    i know you dont like mono, but the vavin gm is a great tote bag, and its very useful...
  4. Um.. Let me think.

    I will absolutely get a CHANEL perforated bag so I my budget for LV is only 600 pounds.

    I will wait for more responds. Anyway, Thanks a lot! John and bvbirdy girl.
  5. i will wait for the new items to come out first before making the decision now.

    but if you must go ahead now damier duomo is nice. but from your collection i would go for a shoulder tote bag. pap haut is a very nice bag especially with the two goldenballs zipper (i know its a mono bag but its beautiful). right now its only £425 even with the price increase in feb i predict in the UK it will only go up by £5 or £10. still have some change left to get other accessories.

    good luck
  6. Roxbury Drive in Pearl or Pomme D'Amour (if u like red and bright color):graucho:
    Did you show them in "Your Bag Showcase?"
  8. Welcome back!

    Lots of choices...I like the roxbury, or something in damier might be good.
  9. :yes::yes: you won't wrong with rox. my fave is in perle :heart:
  10. [​IMG]
    sait tropez
    nomade speedy
    onatah pm

    oops i forgot to ask if you had a budget?:shame:
  11. Wow...I always posted bag in many forum but not all together. I'll think of it :yes:
  12. The Suhalai in this pix is one of my dream bag but you know...expensive :push:
  13. I know sry i just couldn't help myself im sure you'll get it one day:graucho: and the last bag is only $855.00:yes:
  14. Graffiti Speedy off eBay.

    There are a ton of authentic ones on eBay right now.
  15. Thank you everyone for your recommendation :smile:

    As I want a chanel classic flap but I couldn't find any exactly model as I want. :sad:

    As I want a LV bag but nothing catch my eyes after AZUR speedy.:push:

    My decision to buy a Bottega Veneta tote bag in Pink which I accidentally fall in love yesterday.:lol:

    What do you think of it? It may not a LV bag but I think it's great.

    I love Pink :heart: