Hello lovely Ferragamo people!

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  1. I've always had great experiences with farfetch. I'm not sure the best way to explain it but consider it a host website that list items from boutiques overseas. Everything is authentic and I've always gotten everything in less than a week which is amazing for international purchases. I originally wanted to get two bags and a bracelet and the shipping kicked up to $40 dropped the bracelet and it went back down to $10. I think that it was high because all three items were shipping from 3 different stores/countries. It was delivered by DHL and returns are free. You schedule a appointment with them for pick up. The first time I returned to them I was nervous because you're supposed to leave the box open but it went smoothly. The guy had to check both boxes to make sure the items were in there. And all of the paperwork like the label and international shipping documents come along with the item. This bag was just too small. Here it's compared to my TB WOC which is the perfect size small bag for me. If it was only just a little bit bigger. Both bags came with their boxes, dust bags, and cards. 20181102_100821.jpg 20181102_100903.jpg 20181102_100916.jpg
  2. Thank you for all the FarFetched tips! I'll give them a try. My concern has been returns, and shipping them back to like Lithuania. Our USPS is slow with international mail. But considering the degree to which some of the prices are discounted it's worth a shot. Thank you! :tup:
  3. Yow! I LOVE that purse! Are you going to order a larger size? I can see what you mean about it being just a few inches shy of being the perfect size.

    Thank you for describing your experiences with FarFetch. The overseas boutiques list items I haven't seen in other web outlets for Ferragamo which makes them attractive in addition to the prices that are slightly lower than full retail.

    Of course I don't really need anything more, but it's fun looking!
  4. There’s no problem with returns, they handle it all. It’s down to them, as long as you book the return collection in good time. They use DHL from my location in the UK. I would suggest that you always book the return as quickly as you can, ideally within a day or two of you receiving the order, and after that, it’s up to them because it’s all on their account. They’re a good company, I wouldn’t worry. They would sort out any problems as long as you communicate with them swiftly.
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  5. I'm itching for this sale to come!
    My wallet still hasn't shipped and I'm really itching for a couple Ferragamo pieces!
    I'm going go look at prices on far-fetch tonight just to see if there's any deals. I'm located in the USA so it always worries me when I have to order from other countries.
  6. They were so close to perfect and I grabbed both red and navy. Both on sale and a extra coupon code for sale items made it about 660 for both bags one bag here is $750ish. So it was too good to pass up when I converted the measurements it sounded like it would work. If it wasn't for the sale I wouldn't have gotten them. I will get another one in a larger size. But I'll wait until I find good sale or maybe next spring when I get my spring time bonus. I have a lot going on for the holidays trip wise. I have seen some items on farfetch that I don't see here. I just figure it's a possible exclusive to that the country.
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  7. I should've ordered that red one. I really love it. Can you post the link to it, I'd like to get it on sale too ! I think i can still cancel my pink one because it hasn't even shipped yet .
  8. The red with the vara bow is just so special looking! I want it!
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  9. Saks Fifth Ave (USA website) is having a sneak peak sale now. 30% off purses, SLG, and shoes! :nuts:
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  10. https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/salvatore-ferragamo-vara-bow-mini-bag-item-12118327.aspx I don’t know when it will pop back up online. Since they picked it up on Friday maybe towards the end of the week. Just keep a eye out. I don’t know if they still have the coupon code for sale items going on right now.
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  11. Going to Saks Website now hoping to score something on sale!
  12. Ferragamo has started their fall sale on their web site Ferragamo.com. Have fun!