Hello lovely Ferragamo people!

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  1. I am usually a die-hard Gucci lover but stumbled upon some beautiful Ferragamo pieces over the weekend. I am instantly hooked! I literally have just about every Ferragamo piece in my carts amongst several stores. I love the SLGs! I love the loafers for work. I love it all.
    Since I'm new, please share with me your favorites! Tell me what you love, what you hate! Show me your pieces and help me narrow down my cart! Unfortunately I can't buy everything but really need a wallet, cardholder, keyholder and loafers. Probably a purse too. See what I did there? I still named everything. That's why I need your help!
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  2. Something to keep in mind: Ferragamo has two major sales every year with 30-40 percent off on the web site and in the stores. One is in early July and lasts about two weeks. The second one is coming up. The end of the year sale starts anytime from late November, to early December, to January from what I've read. The sales don't last long and there's no second mark-down as there is with many sales. But the savings is significant. If you have things in your cart you may want to hold off for a few weeks. ;)
  3. Yes thank you very much! My cart has many items because I ended up loving every thing I saw! Lol
    I'm new to the brand and really fell in love with the timeless styles. I appreciate your info as I can't afford to purchase everything. ( I have a self policing rule about not putting these types of things on credit cards unless it's a dream bag lol)

    I'm going to be really eager for this sale. If you find out when, could you tell me please? I don't want to miss it and am not good about daily stalking websites for price changes.
    Thanks again for your help.
  4. Ferra is in my top three! Yes, do wait for the sales; dept. stores will mark down, too. They do make a lovely SLG, but I am not a fan of their saffiano leather. It wears horribly in my opinion. I would not purchase it for daily wear, though I do have a clutch for special occasions because it was in a limited edition print I really wanted. Have fun and shop on!
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  5. 00857FCF-6CCD-4002-AC57-AF91BD645704.jpeg
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  6. I was instantly drawn to the SLG's And filled my cart immediately! Lol
    My husband shook his head and said " oh this can't be good!"
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  7. I'll post a note here when the year-end sale starts on the web site.

    One thing I discovered is that their sales are brief and when they end all the sale merchandise permanently vanishes from the web site. There was a scarf I loved on the web site and was hesitating about buying it. Then suddenly the sale ended and it was gone along with all the other sale scarves. Nowhere to be found. Not even on the web sites of other retailers. Had they sent everything to the outlets? One needs to act quickly with their sales.
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  8. Thanks so much @BigPurseSue
    I'm sorry that scarf got away! :sad:
    I'll be sure to order as soon as the sale starts!
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  9. I have a Ferragamo wallet (the one with the gancio clasp), a couple of bags and a pair of shoes, and I love them all. The wallet and my shoulder bag are in Saffiano leather, very similar to the Prada Saffiano, super durable and almost no signs of wear after over two years. My only complaint would be the hardware - i did have an issue with the wallet zipper a few months after the purchase and had to wait a few months to get the zipper replaced by the store (the replacement one was fine).
    I’ve also bought some leather and non-leather items for my family, which all turned out well. Their novelty ties are particularly cute, but DH refused to wear them:annoyed:
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  10. You are very kind! But I'm sure there will be other scarves I like. I'm quite sure. ;)
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  11. Something about the bows just draws me in!
    I couldn't resist and ordered a wallet!
    I'll wait for the sale for everything else though. I just really wanted to get my hands on a SLG . I even dreamt that I was holding a pastel colored Ferragamo wallet while purchasing coffee. I kinda had to order it because I dreamt about it, right?!
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  12. :biggrin: Which wallet did you order? You must show us modeling pics when it arrives.

    There's always the danger when waiting for a sale that the item you most want will sell out or not go on sale. Or both. That's happened to me. Sometimes it's best to just go for it.

    The bows remind me of the grosgrain bows my mom used to sew on my velveteen hair bands when I was little. And the bows on my Sunday shoes. Very prim. The SF bows are an adult version of that. They do draw one in.
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  13. Good to know about the sales. I’m also new to the brand and it would be great to pick up a item on sale vs full price. I’ll have to keep a watch on the site over the next few weeks. I grabbed a few bags on farfech because they were on sale and had a extra code for sale stuff. Unfortunately they’re way too small so I’m returning them tomorrow.
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  14. Has your experience with Farfetch been good overall? I've noticed that they advertise a lot of Ferragamo merchandise. But the sellers are really far-flung, in like Bulgaria.

    There's a seller of Ferragamo merchandise on ebay that has piqued my curiosity. They post stock photos from the Ferragamo web site of new merchandise within days after it appears on the F web site. They are located in Secaucus, NJ which is where the company that handles shipping for F's web sales is located. They also sell goods from other designers and retailers. Their feedback is really bad. Are they an authorized seller? Or are they selling things that have, ahem, fallen on the warehouse floor?
  15. Spotted your FarFetch question while browsing!

    Not a Ferragamo buyer, but I frequently buy with FarFetch. I’m in the UK and I’ve had things smoothly delivered from the UK, other European countries, the US, and even Kuwait via FarFetch, no problems at all.

    Free returns of any unwanted items/wrong sizes etc (I often order two sizes for choice) have been straightforward too. Minor technical glitches occasionally in booking the return collection online or through the app, but quickly resolved with a phone call or email.

    At least from the UK, and probably for elsewhere I think, the prices shown include all import duties/taxes, all of which are automatically refunded upon return, if you need a refund.

    You just have to remember to book in the return in good time, because they have to receive it back within two weeks of your receipt of the goods.

    A couple of times I’ve had items with minor flaws and there were no problems or quibbles about a swift return.

    Careful when you buy to check the item you want is not also available at different prices from different sources on FarFetch — it’s basically a company linking different independent boutiques worldwide so prices can vary for the same item.
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