hello ladies!

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  1. i just joined this blog not so long ago and enjoying it~!!

    this place is GREAT!!


    by the way i'm thinking about getting a city...without the gold/silver

    it will be my first b bag....and i'm thinging either black or bubblegum!

    what do you ladies think??? i kinda think black would be more comfortable

    for an everday bag!! but so many colors to choose from..... hahahaha
  2. Hi Welcome!! Im very much in love with my RH Black City now. So i say get 1.. Good Luck!!
  3. Black is classic but its always available. If you really like a unique color then I would get that instead.
  4. Love the black city. Great bag to start with. Welcome.
  5. Welcome! I love black cities although they make them every season so they are not super hard to get. If you see another colour this season that you totally fall inlove with I´d get that one instead seeing the blacks are always available! Good luck deciding!

  6. Definitely black.
    My baby is on the way too :love:
  7. I'd start with the Black RH City. It's practical, gorgeous and goes with everything! You won't regret it. Or better yet. Save up for two if it's within your means, because as soon as you get one, you will want another! Welcome!
  8. I am all for the colours!!! And Balenciaga has great colours!!!
    Do you already have a black bag?
    In the end, if you will use the black more, then get that.....Good luck and Happy Shopping!!!
  9. I went through this dilemma not long ago. Here's what I suggest: Get the black first. You'll love it, never want to be away from it, and you'll be able to wear it with so much.

    Then, you'll be addicted and you can then figure out a way to purchase the bg, or another color, which will happen!
  10. I totally agree! :tup:
  11. Welcome to tPF and the Bal forum, opanyo! You can't go wrong with a wonderful black City and you'll get stacks of use out it. Bubblegum is lovely but it might not go with all outfits. Mind you, it's a great colour for the summer, so still worth thinking carefully about. Let us know what you decide.
  12. Welcome!!! Bubblegum is gorgeous and black is made every season. I would go with a color that may cost you more if you decide you want it later. You can get black anytime, they make it each season.:yes:
  13. Welcome!!!

    Go for the Bubblegum- like other ladies mentioned, you can get black anytime. Take advantage of the beautiful "season" colors. I love a bag that adds color to my outfit.

    Anyways, good luck with your purchase and enjoy the Forum! :wlae:
  14. get bubblegum! its yummy for summer.
  15. Black is a great staple to have but will always be available so it might be more fun to throw caution to the wind and get a colour - you can also get a more unique colour that will work as a neutral. For my first bal bag I decided against black and got a jaune work - it's a beautiful mustard/marigold yellow and it works with basically every colour in my wardrobe ! I still want a black but I'm happy I stepped outside the box for my first bag... it will be more of a *POW* experience, IMO :yes:

    but in either case let us know what you decide and make sure to post pictures !! :P