Hello ladies...newbie here!

  1. Hello ladies,
    I'm a newbie to Hermes, not to bags nor this forum though. :yes: I'm usually in the Chanel forum, but have been lurking here and reading all your fabulous posts and helpful info b/c I've decided I really "need" a birkin bag. :p I received my first piece of Hermes this morning, an alligator/ or is it crocodile keychain from bf. :love: It's so adorable, though I really wanted the pig but the SF store didn't have it. We're going to vegas this weekend, so we'll see if they have it there or if any of you ladies spot it please pm me!! :flowers: Thank you ladies for providing such detail and wonderful resources for us H newbies, so when I'm ready to buy my first birkin I'll be knowledgable and prepared! :heart: :heart: Happy Valentine's Day!!!! :heart: :heart:
  2. Happy :heart: Day!

    Welcome to the Hermes forum!! Beware, though, this place is more addicting than crack! Although a slightly more expensive habit, but I digress ;)
  3. Welome and we are happy to have you join us here! Have fun in Vegas and report back!!!
  4. Welcome to the orange side!!! I am a convert from the Chanel forum! H has sucked me in and will not let me go!!! I am totally addicted!!:nuts: Enter at your own risk!!:graucho:
  5. Welcome T. Hermes is totally addicting. It begins with your first birkin then you need another, then another style bag, then accessories but it is all great fun here on tpf!
  6. And everyone on this list is a notorious enabler!!! Beware......mwahaha....................:graucho:
  7. TOTORO928, u took the words out of my mouth! i have been lurking on the HERMES forum for a while now too and I have to admit, its ADDICTING!! i am usually on the CHANEL and BALENCIAGA forums but i cant seem to resist the beauty of HERMES!! hahaha...:p..congratulations on ur wonderful gift from ur bf, its so sweet! i think im going to continue to read on the Hermes forum until i saved enough for my first Birkin...perhaps we can "convert" together? haha..

  8. Welcome to the Hermes forum. Yes you remind me that my poor little chanel classic flap is not longer the favored child and hasn't seen the light of day since I got my black box kelly. Happy Valentine's Day:heart:

    Loren Had to chuckle at your post because the Chanel 255 Re-issue that I scoured the world for and did cartwheels because I finally found one is sitting quietly inside her sleeper and box at the top of my shelf since I brought my first Hermes bag home. LOL!!!! I still love her but haven't used her in AGES!!!!!
  10. Welcome to the dark side! You must know that your first Birkin will not be your last - lol!!!
  11. Hello & Welcome!

    I'm fairly new to the H forum as well, and just recently christened myself with a AMAZING BJ Togo Dogon! Previously, I was in the Balenciaga forum for the most part, but I have to admit, nothing is like Hermes!!

    As the others said, this place is addicting, but WONDERFUL.

  12. Miss Alice, great to see you here!!!!!! STAY and PLAY!
  13. Welcome! You'll never find a friendlier group! Have fun in Vegas! Post pics!!

    Happy :heart: Day to you!
  14. Welcome! Once you've been bitten by the H bug, there's no way back!
  15. A huge welcome to you!!!