Hello ladies(& gents).. I just bought my first pair of red patent loubotins...

  1. so im in the beginning stages of building my collection of louboutins/pumps
    plus also incorporating more of a variety of colors
    and its the first pair of patents + red pumps...

    I was picking out stuff to wear with them
    but Im kinda iffy about it now...

    I was thinking of a white top
    dark wash jeans
    grey scarf
    and since im going to travel on friday
    Im thinking of maybe wearing a grey coat
    red pumps

    what do ya think?
    loose the scarf?
    loose the coat?
    keep everything?
  2. Post some modeling pics! I think it will look fine. When I wear my red patent CLs I try not to be matchy matchy with the red. I think red will look great with that grey and white combo.
  3. Congrats on your first pair of Louboutins! You are in for a serious addiction. I love the idea of having your red patent CLs be the little pop of color in your outfit. A picture is in order!
  4. thanks for ur input ladies!
    I was looking for my cam to give you guys a better look
    i guess when ill wear it ill flick it up real quick...