Hello Ladies - Fendi Fendi Fendi!

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  1. Hello ladies..

    I am new here and I am a purse freak! Anyhoot there are some pictures going around the net of Serena.. plse yall no comments on what she is doing in the photo we know its tres ungood :nuts: :evil:

    Anyhoot I really need to know the name of this bad and the price and where to find it..

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  2. ew....
    but the bag is a fendi spy bag in leather/logo canvas. costs about $1600 i think.
  3. Fendi spy hobo?
  4. Its the regular spy like JJ said :biggrin:
  5. Yeah I saw this pic circulating on the net. Foxy Brown has one just like it but how SHE could afford it I dunno....
  6. Yeah, JJ is right ... the bag that Serena is carrying goes for around $1600. It's not my favorite Spy.

    Someone should tell Serena to be careful what she does in public!
  7. I got a bag exactly like that one at elux for $1740. I'll post a pic as soon as I get back am headed out right now...

    I ha​
  8. Good grief how to I edit a post...I meant I've got not I go...YUK!! Almost as bad as she looks.:wacko:
  9. LOL:lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. If you can afford a 1,600$ bag, you could afford to get a stylist, even for a day. Yeesh, what an awful outfit !
  11. Hehe, the [​IMG] button by your post comes in handy sometimes. :nuts:

    But it looks like you figured it out yourself. :idea:

  12. Here are the pics of my bag; it looks like the same one Serena is carrying.

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  13. Thanks Vlad...you're right there when we need you.:smile:
  14. Poor Serena. She's got thick thighs (like myself). Those shorts that's she's wearing were not made for gals like us because they crawl. (Which is why she's constantly tugging at 'em)

    I'm sure she won't wear those short anymore after these pics started circulating.

    I love that bag....not in the budget though.
  15. I love your bed!! It's so beautiful! :nuts: