hello ladies...and a question

  1. hi - i just bought my first bal bag - 2007 Anthra Day with GH (pics coming soon once I figure the darn thing out). I've had interesting reactions to this bag from strangers...they automatically reach out to touch it! do you experience this too from total strangers and how do you react?
  2. I've never had people just randomly touch my bbag but received compliments numerous times...

    It's hat comes with owning a gorgeous bag so better get used to it!!! Especially with such a unique color as anthracite!

    Congrats on your purchase. :tup:
  3. indeed the anthra is a beautiful unique interesting color... sometimes when I see pics, I wana reach out to my screen and touch it... then reality hits :push:... still in the process of trying to find my long lost anthracite city... oh anthracity anthracity wher for artou anthracity???
  4. When I was at Bal NY this past January, I had my ponyhair work with me. I had put it down on one of their rock/sitting area to try on a French Blue work...next thing I know, I turn around to see two people petting it!!!

    And another, I was at Barney NY. Again, I sat my Black Weekender down to try on an Ink Shopping. A woman grabs it and takes it to the counter to pay for that bag in a matter of seconds. She carried my bag to the counter - it was full of stuff!!! I had to tell her that it's mine. And of course she asked as to why the leather was so different. - it's an 05 bag.

    Yeah, I'm notorious for leaving my bags around as I shop. My Barneys SA actually carries my bag and follows me with it (or she sits it right at the counter and keeps a close eye) - she's more nervous about me losing my bag than I am.

    I'm glad you got a Balenciaga - don't worry you'll get compliments, endlessly.
  5. there were a few anthracities at NM in Tysons Corner VA. GH and RH. Ask for Andrea or Azeb.
  6. Really??? I don't recall NM ordering this color at all. I know they have a few in Steel.
  7. one woman touched it while it was on me!!! I took it as a compliment (as long as no one hurts her!) Anthra seems quite durable and was my faithful companion at an all day concert - she was rocking it for 12 hours on my shoulder on her sophmore voyage! no regrets!
  8. incoralblue - this was a few weeks ago before the new bags came in so im pretty sure they were anthra, but could they have been early steels? Im new at this and these colors are good at tricking my eye! My anthra sometimes looks like marine
  9. I'm not sure. I stop by there everyday, and I swear I've never seen Anthra...I mean, I could be totally wrong, maybe I'll ask them tomorrow.
  10. and i thought i was the only one visiting that often...look at the ones in the GH section closest to the post that separates the RH and GH. Maybe a good one is buried in that mess somewhere!
  11. Yep, they treat the Balenciagas like they are the cheapest things in the world. Will check it out tomorrow.
  12. LOL! Yes, some people look at my magenta city and a few have asked me if they could touch it, then they go ga ga. A coworker of mine who is my mom's age and is known to be grouchy and cynical crackled at me, after seeing my magenta city and apple green twiggy, "You certainly have some very interesting colored purses." I politely thanked her for the compliment.... ha ha!

    Congrats on your anthracite bag, I love that color!
  13. ICB, let us know what Bbag stock they have at Tysons, when you get chance. I guess you'll have to post it on the Shopping sticky, but since I can't seem to organize my errands around a random trip to NM (like heck?!), I'm going to have to rely on the DC Metro BalGang to update me on it...
  14. Monsoon, I'll have it ready for you tonight. I'll post it on that Tysons NM thread in the shopping forum.
  15. OMG!!! I am rolling on the floor!!!:roflmfao: A lady brought your weekender up to the counter to buy it with your belongings inside!!! That is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: