Hello Kitty

  1. I went to NY. I stopped at the Sanrio store. I hope you Hello Kitty lovers enjoy!

    There she is!

    What's inside?


    Hello Kitty!


    A key chain

  2. OMG you nails. TD4
  3. Thanks. :flowers:
  4. I am sure I am only about the 7 squillionth person to say this on this forum alone, but ohhh, if only I had held on to the Hello Kitty stuff that my friends and I used to get at the then brand-new Sanrio store at the local mall back in the late 70s - inexpensive and fun little joke presents, we considered them, we just loved Hello Kitty (and Mimi, although Mimi seemed just a little stuck-up sometimes, but hugs really helped a lot, so maybe she was just insecure) - anyway, if I had that stuff today, I bet I could sell it on eBay and get myself a truckload of handbags, and a Tuscan villa to put them in!
  5. I'd buy them from you, if you posted pics of the bags you bought. ;) Seriously, I can't believe Hello Kitty is older than me! :nuts: :wtf: She's still cute, though. :love:
  6. Those are so cute! :heart:
  7. awww... i love sanrio!!!... loved them when i was little and STILL do... too bad there isn't a official saniro store here... (at least i dont' think so...)

    Nice nails BTW...
  8. ^^^Thanks. Awww, wish there was a store by you. They served cookies, too. It was cute!

    Thanks maggie.
  9. love them.. I got tons of Hello Kitty goodies as well.. that's a very big Hello Kitty.. i want one.. hehe
  10. I love Sanrio. Hello Kitty, Chococat, Keroppi, chai chai monchan are what I collect now. I still stuff I've collected from grade school. Once when I was in the Sanrio store looking at a Hello Kitty plush toym and this girl and I said at the same time, "This is so cute!" Well, she was about 5 and I'm in my 20's. Some habits due hard. . .:P
  11. Actually, the first one, is a lady (I assume! :roflmfao: ) in a costume who greeted people and took pics. :yes:
  12. :yes: Hello Kitty is for all ages. My mom loves her, too. :love:
  13. :love: :love: So cute!!!! I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty!!! I have so many Hello Kitty things. I have never been to the store, though, I guess I should stop by the NY store. I want a pic with the big Hello Kitty!!:P
  14. I want this dress. :lol:
  15. :roflmfao: Very cute!