Hello Kitty

  1. well, i was never a fans of a cat. i loved dogs but i moved to a one room townhouse and i can't keep a pet.
    but there's this one cat who always goes to my trash outside my room and finally me and my bf decided to buy his fods so he won't mess our garbage anymore :p

    usually when i woke up he would lay sleeping on the floor outside my room and when i open the window he would meow ing asking for food.
    but today was quite a cold night and when i woke up and open the curtain, there he was for the first time sleeping inside the box meant for putting dirty clothes to be washed outside my room LOL

    i manage to take one pic of him still sleeping with the window closed, and when i silently open the window, he woke up and i took 2 more pics.
    my bf's went away early in the morning and when i called him and sent him the pic to his mail, we were laughing so hard...

    james (that's what we named him :p) curling in my hello kitty box, now the hello kitty box is a real hello kitty this morning.

  2. Thats so cute! You should put some blankets in there to keep him warm:yes:
  3. LOL maybe i will :p
    he's a stray cat though, he would only come to my room to eat, he fled away after that. i don't even know where he slept at night ha ha ha...
  4. You have made a hungry little kitty very happy! Good for you!
  5. Awwwwww:love:
    He found a warm bed to sleep in:flowers:
  6. Aww how cute!!
  7. That is a great picture! How cute that he did that. Its so nice of you to feed him and keep him warm - he is lucky to have you!
  8. Thats adorable. AWWW!
  9. How cute! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Haha that is adorable!
  11. ^^ awe, whatta cutie-pie sea!!! :love:
  12. thank u girls.... i fell in love with him already LOL
    when we got the idea of buying him cat's food, i was shopping for his bowl when my bf called and he laughed at me. he said that i already acted like he was our pet :p
  13. he's sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!
  14. He's adorable....and you are a wonderful person to take care of him. What a cutie he is....
  15. That is sooo adorable! :smile: