Hello Kitty ring

  1. I have the Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty diamond ring. I got it as an anniversary gift last year from my hubby. Does anyone else have one and just love it? Some people think it's too over the top but I am so in love with it. Here's a pic of it with my Mom's LV coin purse that I am sentimentally attached to (see LV forum).

  2. ive seen it before. i saw it 2nd hand for 700 but i didnt buy it! i wish i did because its like 2000 new! oh well..

    it might look too big on me since i wear a 5 but i love hello kitty! congrads
  3. I think its very cute! I've seen alot of the Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty stuff at Neiman's Last Call...but not that ring!
  4. I love Hello Kitty! and I LOVE that ring! But I don't have it sadly. It's uber pretty~
  5. Hubby ordered in from NM back in July last year just in time for our anniversary. I believe it is a Carat of diamonds, the bow is ruby set in rose gold, the eyes black onyx, and the nose is citrine, all set in white gold. I thought it was too big at first but it has definitely grown on me and now I LOVE IT!!!:heart:
  6. I think its very pretty. I love Hello Kitty, she is so cute!
  7. its not me but it is really cute.
  8. Aww I love it! It is beautiful! I looove hello kitty! I wanted the necklace but it was too pricey for me! I just have a cheap rhinestone one! Your ring is great, thanks for sharing!
  9. wow...that's a super pretty ring!! I love it :smile:
  10. i saw your sweet post on the LV forum and noticed the ring then too. UBER CUTE! =) nice and flashyy
  11. I love it!!!
  12. It's so cute! I love HK but can't afford that lol.
  13. I like it it's cute
  14. I've been :drool: since I saw your post yesterday! GORGY!
  15. Thanks for the compliments everyone!