Hello Kitty Pendant - Target

  1. Hi - does anyone out there remember the hello kitty pendant that sold around the holidays last year at Target - I think it was a limited edition piece that sold for around $100??

    Has anyone seen one at their local Target??

    Also anyone have any of the Hello Kitty pieces that Kimora Lee Simmons has done? I think they are sold at Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers.

  2. I have scene the Hello Kitty pieces done by Kimora Lee simmons. They are very pretty and very cute!
  3. The only hello kitty necklaces, etc., that I know of are the ones by Kimora and Avon sold them for a while.
  4. I just saw the Hello Kitty by Kimora in InStyle. It's so cute!!!
  5. I have a Hello Kitty by KLS watch and ring. They are good quality stuff!

    I did see the limited edition Target stuff at my Target months ago. I don't think they sold well because I remember them being on clearance for about 1/2 off, and the quality seemed pretty poor. You could check eBay for those items.

  6. Hi - do mind telling where that target was that you saw that item at? Thanks. I am looking to get a gift for a little girl. Thanks! by the way, I don't have any KLS Kitty pieces but they look really cute and well made.
  7. I have seen Kimora's Hello Kitty for Neiman Marcus very nice stuff but I haven't seen Hello Kitty for Target.
  8. The Hello Kitty at NM is pricey, 4figures. But it is s cute. The jewels are real.
  9. Oh yeah I do remember it, I saw it once I think. I believe it had little diamond chips in it...I forget who it was by though.
  10. The only HK pendant I know about are the ones sold at Neiman Marcus.
  11. I love Hello Kitty! Esp the Pink Head collection from Tarina Tarantino.
  12. I remember the HK Target pieces well. I bought the earrings and small necklace. They were decently made, sterling silver and each piece has a diamond (tiny) in them. They were definetly cute for the price, thought not as well made as the KLS stuff. They sold out really quickly by me (NJ) and I haven't seen any since last time this year. I know they were selling on ebay last year, some for a much higher price (at that time). I've seen some on ebay recently for cheaper prices though.