Hello Kitty + LV = PERFECTION

  1. I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan and I am also a HUGE LV fan .. so when I recieved this for my bday this past weekend, I knew the perfect place for it! Of course the perfect spot was on my Damier Azur Speedy 30! What do you think fellow tpf'ers?! I think the world would be perfect if LV and Hello Kitty came together for like a limited edition LV! :tup:


  2. How cool is that!
    Your patina is nice too! Happy belated Birthday!
  3. Frozen_Alaska: Thanx for the belated bday wish! :smile:
  4. That's toooo cute!!! :love:

    Happy belated b-day fellow Libra! :tup:
  5. John 5: Thanx and Happy belated bday to you too! I turned 23 so enjoy being 21 while it lasts!! :nuts:
  6. That's cute! How funny that you mentioned this.....2 weeks ago, I bought a red HK make-up bag and I'm using it with my LV too. :graucho:
  7. Way too girlie for me, but pretty darn cute all the same! :girlsigh:
    I bet you look great carrying it, and the colours are perfect for eachother! :tup:
  8. really cute ! love it !
  9. Very cute :biggrin:
  10. Happy belated birthday , I LOVE HK too.
  11. How cute! I have a little HK purse with sequins like that, that my friend got for me for Valentines day (he had to track it down for me) haha

    It looks too cute with your speedy azur!
  12. That's adorable!!

    I hope you had an amazing birthday!
  13. aaawww!!! its sooo cute! i bet it suits u very well. happy belated birthday!
  14. so cute, i love HK, too.

    happy belated b-day!! :biggrin:
  15. Aww that is too cute.