Hello Kitty Lovers

  1. Very cute!
  2. Too cute!

    I have been bugging DH to take me to Build-a-Bear for our anniversary next month so I can get that HK. I looove leopard print, lol
  3. Thanks.

    Build-a-bear currently has a special. Any animal friend + any outfits + any shoes for $29.99. Great deal.
  4. what and who is hello kitty
  5. Seriously? U don't know Hello Kitty?
  6. My fave:

    French Hello Kitty!


  7. im a guy
  8. Ooh thanks! Might ask hubby to go sooner! Lol
  9. love hello kitty
  10. I ADORE HELLO KITTY (as evidenced in my username)!! I have sooo much HK stuff. My favorite is my decoden phone case that I just got :smile: sorry the picture isn't the best!

  11. Hehe. I was just making sure you really didn't know b4 I answer. I have Hello Kitty as my avatar. According to Wiki - Hello Kitty (ハローキティ Harō Kiti?)[3] (full name Kitty White)[2] is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. She is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.[1] The character's first appearance on an item, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced in Japan in 1974 and brought to the United States in 1976.[4][5] The character is a staple of the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture.[6] The Hello Kitty trademark has spread globally; Sanrio earned over $1 billion annually in sales outside of Japan, as of 2003.[7]

    Originally aimed at pre-adolescent females, Hello Kitty's market has broadened to include adult consumers. She can be found on a variety of products ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories and high-end consumer products. Several Hello Kitty TV series, targeted towards young children, have been produced. Hello Kitty is also the main character at the two Japanese Sanrio theme parks, Harmonyland and the indoor Sanrio Puroland.
  12. Gonna share some new items that I got recently =)





  13. My Samsung galaxy note case

  14. My new blinged out Iphone 4S Hello Kitty case... I love, love it!!!

  15. super cute :smile: