Hello Kitty Jewelry - Where can I find online?

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  1. My granddaughters LOVE Hello Kitty, (so do I) and I want to get three matching Hello Kitty pendants.
    Where can I find real Hello Kitty jewelry online?
  2. Are you looking for the less costume-y line? Zales.com is selling the lower priced line. NM was selling the higher priced line.
    GOOD LUCK:smile:
  4. I dont want to spend $$Milliions, because they are just 10 yrs old, and still loose things. But I dont want to buy plastic junk either.
  5. The prices are very reasonable and the pieces are so darn cute!!! I would check out QVC for sure :tup:
  6. Definitely QVC, for good quality but not real diamonds and gold.
  7. I have pieces from both the Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty line and the QVC line. Honestly the QVC stuff is really great quality and very comparable to the real diamonds in the KLS line. :tup:
  8. I've never heard of the QVC line, but I collect the KLS line, after looking(especially at the Princess charm and ring) I do feel a little upset at the QVC line...but only cause I've already spent my money on the KLS line :smile:
  9. I didn't know about QVC either, wow, i think they have some pretty nice stuff that's worth looking at. It doesn't look that cheap either. Definitely give it a go.
  10. You can also try Tarina Tarantino - their prices aren't as high as Zales, but they are a little up there for acrylic/lucite materials (at least I think they are). They aren't junky plastic pieces, though - very well made and very cute. I also think that you can find some types of jewelry at the Sanrio stores; they sell a lot made with metal & enamel that's cute, durable, and not irreplaceable. :smile:
  11. tokidoki.it has the super cute Hello Kitty for Tokidoki necklace, its $39