Hello Kitty Inclusions ?

  1. Hi there

    A few months back I saw a post w/ Hello Kitty jewelry that looked VERY similar to the fab inclusions. can someone lead the way to these photos or links?

  2. I posted that!
  3. :smile:LOL...Did u end up gettin one?
  4. No, I would get a braclet, but the ring (like the LV inclusions) seems to bulky for my taste.
  5. I wish they made a "speedy keychain" sooo cute!
  6. The ring is cute...but a bracelet would be so much cuter! There is a matching heart necklace on the website too.
  7. I hate to say it but these are dang cute!
  8. They are cute, but I like shape of the LV inclusion ring better.
  9. thanks for originally posting it!