Hello Kitty gets the LV look...

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  1. I just had to share this wallet with you guys.


    I think I would take this wallet over a fake LV wallet any day...
  2. OH.. why can i live in Japan.. I have to go there just for the shopping!
  3. I think I've seen those somewhere before. But yup, I'd take that over a fake..I love Hello Kitty :smile:
  4. That Is The Cutest Purse! Hello Kitty Has Had Quite A Few LV Looks For FAO Schwarz. Now, That They Are Only In NYC & The Website...I'm Not Sure If They're Available. Back In '99-'00.....They Had Extensive Vernis (Look) Collection...It Was So Cute!!! ........Yes! I Love Hello Kitty, Much Rather Have That Wallet Than A Fake....Hello Kitty ~ She's In A Class Of Her Own!!!!
  5. I like the Hello Kitty LV bags. They do have some cute styles and I would prefer that over a fake. I love Hello Kitty so much that makes me want to wera my Ts again which I actually put away because I thought I was to old for it.
  6. i'll wait til the asian stores here in socal have them selling for $12 instead of $44.
  7. Ohh you gotta keep us posted if you see em. Thanks!!!!
  8. haha sure. but i hardly ever go in lil saigon.. it's a headache to go there cuz of all the bad drivers and rude people (it's just the way they/we are. :annoyed:). but if i ever go in the next few weeks, and spot some, i'll try to buy one or something.
  9. OH ha ha ive been there. To that mall.. I dont understand why there was no parking and hardly anyone in the mall:rant: In cali right?
  10. yea, southern cali..orange county.. lil saigon. i live down the street from it. there's parking in the lot behind the mall.. and the mall is "empty" on the first floor, but filled on the 2nd floor (aka: jewelry mega center).
  11. Ya gotta love that 18K :smile: BLING BLING
  12. Is that kind of near Westminster? I think I've actually been there with my friend once..I bought a ton of cute Sanrio phone charms there.
  13. Aw! Hello Kitty! I bought a Hello Kitty wallet when I was in Japan (not like that one). . .I need to go find it.
  14. yea.. lil saigon IS westminster practically. and k-town IS garden grove. lol. :yes:
  15. hehehe, cute! i wish i had a hello kitty toaster!!!