Hello Kitty for guys

  1. I love Hello Kitty but I'm not sure if guys do/would??

    Hello Kitty Turns Attention to Young Men

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  2. I don't know about HK for boys.
  3. :roflmfao:

    Quite possibly the gay men will adore it and the straight men will have nightmares.
  4. ^^ I was JUST going to say!
  5. Just can't imagine it
  6. Nay for me.. :tdown:
  7. I am so buying this for my husband. And then running far, far away.
  8. Hmm, i couldn't imagine my boyf to ever want to own hello kitty items.
  9. Well, Japanese culture is so mascot obsessed that maybe some adventurous males would wear it. Like, "i'm such a trend setter (trend-breaker?) that i can wear hello kitty and it's no big deal."
    I mean, there are already enough weird fashion trends in japan that i don't understand..

    However, in the US market? NO WAY. American machismo and hello kitty do not mix.
  10. idk... remember when pink was all the rage for boys a few years back?

    HK for boys could happen...lol!
  11. You never know, there have been some pretty strange trends in the US that have caught on.

    And on a really random sidenote, I was getting a tattoo this morning and in the room where I was there was a ton of hello kitty stuff all around. And yes, the tattoo artist was a guy.

    So you never know, it might actually catch on...
  12. Make it a "Hello Lion" and I'll consider it. No go on the kittens.
  13. That is exactly what I was thinking!
  14. I don't know about that. But aren't there are Sanrio characters that already target boys? Like the little evil penguin or duck or something?
  15. no thanks LOL, I will not be wearing this