Hello Kitty fans....

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  1. My husband picked up this Hello Kitty bag from the Sanrio store in NYC today for me, because he knew I was a big Hello Kitty fan!
  2. Congrats & welcome!
  3. Cute! I love Hello Kitty stuff!
  4. Congrats! I love Hello Kitty!
  5. thats a very cute denim bag.
  6. Cute! CONGRATS! I love hello kitty, i just bought a hello kitty humidifier hahahah
  7. How funny, I have the Hello Kitty humidifier too! It's so darn cute how the mist comes out of the top of the ears!
  8. That's so sweet of your husband! Congrats!
  9. That's so cute! I love Hello Kitty! :yes:
  10. How cute! I have been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was six and still buy something "Kitty" once in a while.

  11. aaahhh this is soo cute! I love hello kitty!
  12. Even with my Fendi, LV, Burberry, Mulberry...I ADORE Hello Kitty. Have to go with my teenage daughter though, because she picks out THE best stuff. I have a checkbook holder, a pencil case that's for cosmetics. Hello Kitty is uber cool.:yes: For all ages too --. If I am middle aged with a teenage daughter, and I still like Hello Kitty, that tells the story.
  14. That is super cute!
  15. Sooo cute! I love hello kitty and crazy bunny too!